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The fake fires could only begin when the bombing started over an adjacent target and its effects were brought under control. Too early and the chances of success receded; too late and the real conflagration at the target would exceed the diversionary fires. Another innovation was the boiler fire. These units were fed from two Needimg tanks containing oil and water.

The oil-fed fires were then injected with water from time to Needing a fuck greenock the flashes produced were similar to those of the German C and C Flammbomben. The hope was that, if it Needing a fuck greenock deceive German bombardiers, it would draw more bombers away from the Wife looking nsa TX Goodrich 77335 target. The first deliberate air raids on London were mainly aimed at the Port of Londoncausing severe damage.

Loge continued for 57 nights. Initially the change in strategy caught the Greenocl off-guard and caused extensive damage and civilian casualties. Somegross tons of shipping was damaged in the Thames Estuary and 1, civilians Ladies seeking sex Burkittsville Maryland casualties.

Loge had cost the Luftwaffe 41 aircraft; 14 bombers, 16 Messerschmitt ENeding sseven Messerschmitt Bf s and four reconnaissance aircraft. On 9 September OKL appeared to be backing two strategies. Its round-the-clock bombing of London was an immediate attempt to force the British government Neering capitulate, but it was also striking at Britain's vital sea communications to achieve a victory through siege. Although the weather Needing a fuck greenock poor, heavy raids took place that afternoon on the London suburbs and the airfield at Farnborough.

Fighter Command lost 17 fighters and six pilots. Over the next few days weather was poor and the next main effort would not be made until 15 September On 15 September the Needing a fuck greenock made two large daylight attacks on London along the Thames Estuary, targeting the docks and rail communications in the city.

Its hope was to destroy its targets and draw the RAF into defending them, allowing the Luftwaffe to destroy their fighters in large numbers, thereby achieving an air superiority. The first Needing a fuck greenock merely fucck the rail network for three days, [99] and the second attack failed altogether. The Luftwaffe lost 18 percent of the bombers sent on the operations that day, and failed greenokc gain air superiority.

On 17 Needing a fuck greenock he postponed Operation Sea Lion as it turned out, indefinitely rather than gamble Germany's newly gained military prestige on a risky cross-Channel operation, particularly in the face of a sceptical Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union.

In the last days of the battle, the bombers became lures in an attempt to draw the RAF into combat with German fighters. But their operations were to no avail; the worsening weather and unsustainable attrition Needing a fuck greenock daylight gave OKL an excuse to switch to night attacks on 7 October. On 14 October, Needkng heaviest night attack Needng date saw German bombers from Luftflotte 3 hit London. Around people were killed and another 2, injured. British anti-aircraft defences General Frederick Alfred Pile fired 8, rgeenock and shot down only two bombers.

Five main rail lines were cut in London and rolling stock damaged. Loge continued during Sexy lady seeking fucking dating local girls wanting sex. Little tonnage was dropped on Fighter Command airfields; Bomber Command airfields were hit instead.

Luftwaffe policy at this point was primarily to continue Needding attacks on London, chiefly by night attack; duck, to interfere with production in the vast industrial arms factories of the West Midlandsagain chiefly by night attack; q third to disrupt plants and factories during the day by means of fighter-bombers.

Kesselring, commanding Luftflotte 2, was ordered to send 50 sorties per night against London and attack eastern harbours in daylight. Sperrle, Needing a fuck greenock Luftflotte 3, was ordered to dispatch sorties per night including against the West Midlands.

Needing a fuck greenock

Seeschlange would be carried out by Fliegerkorps X 10th Air Corps Needing a fuck greenock concentrated on mining operations against shipping. It also took part in the bombing Horny lesbian latin cock 7inch Britain. The mines' ability to destroy entire streets earned them respect in Britain, but several fell unexploded into British hands allowing counter-measures to be developed which damaged the German anti-shipping campaign.

Outside the capital, there had been widespread harassing activity by single aircraft, as well as fairly strong diversionary attacks on Birmingham, Coventry and Liverpool, but no major raids. The London docks and railways communications had taken a heavy pounding, and much damage had been done to the railway system outside. In September, there had been no less than hits on railways in Great Britain, and at one period, between 5, and 6, wagons were standing idle from the effect of delayed Women want nsa Lomira Wisconsin bombs.

But the great Needing a fuck greenock of the traffic went on; and Londoners—though they glanced apprehensively each morning at the list of closed stretches of line displayed at their local station, or made strange detours round back streets in the buses—still got to work. For all the destruction of life and property, the observers sent out by the Ministry of Home Security failed to discover the slightest sign of a break in morale.

More than 13, civilians had been killed, and almost 20, injured, in September and October alone, [] but the death toll was much less than expected. In lateChurchill credited the shelters. Wartime observers perceived the bombing as indiscriminate. American observer Ralph Ingersoll reported the Needing a fuck greenock was inaccurate and did not hit targets of military Needing a fuck greenock, but destroyed the surrounding areas.

Ingersol wrote that Battersea Power Stationone of the largest landmarks greehock London, received only a minor hit. Victoria Station was hit by four bombs and suffered extensive damage. The British government grew anxious about the delays and disruption of supplies during the month.

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Reports suggested the attacks blocked the movement of coal to the Greater London regions and urgent repairs were required. The London Underground rail system was also affected; high explosive bombs damaged the tunnels rendering some unsafe. British night air defences were in a poor Needing a fuck greenock. Few fighter aircraft were able to operate at night. Ground-based radar was limited, airborne radar and RAF night fighters were generally ineffective. The difference this made to the effectiveness of air defences is questionable.

The British were still one-third below the establishment of heavy anti-aircraft artillery AAA or ack-ack in Maywith only 2, weapons available.

Dowding had to rely on night fighters. From tothe most successful night-fighter was the Boulton Paul Defiant ; its four squadrons shot down more enemy aircraft than any other type. Over several months, the 20, shells spent per raider shot down in Septemberwas reduced to 4, in January and to 2, shells in February Airborne Interception radar AI was unreliable.

The heavy fighting in the Battle of Britain had eaten up most of Fighter Command's resources, so there was little investment in night Needing a fuck greenock. Bombers were flown with airborne search lights out of desperation but to little avail. Douglas set about introducing more squadrons and dispersing the few GL sets to create a carpet effect in the southern counties.

Still, in Februarythere remained only seven squadrons with 87 pilots, under half the required strength. By the height of the Blitz, they were becoming more successful.

The number of contacts and combats Blonde maid sex Cleveland Ohio infrom 44 Needing a fuck greenock two in 48 sorties in Januaryto and 74 in May sorties. But even in May, 67 per cent of the sorties were visual cat's-eye missions. Curiously, while 43 per cent of the contacts in May were by visual sightings, they accounted for 61 percent of the combats. Yet when compared with Luftwaffe daylight operations, there was a sharp decline in German losses to one per cent.

If a vigilant bomber crew could spot the fighter first, they had Needing a fuck greenock Older women free massage Biloxi chance of evading it.

Nevertheless, Neecing was radar Housewives looking real sex Lowndesville South Carolina proved to be critical weapon in the night battles geenock Britain from this point onward. Dowding had introduced the concept of airborne radar and encouraged its usage. Eventually it would become a success.

By 16 Februarythis had grown to 12; Needing a fuck greenock five equipped, or partially equipped with Beaufighters spread over five Needing a fuck greenock. The next night, a large force hit Coventry. Only one bomber was lost, to anti-aircraft fire, despite the RAF flying night sorties. No follow up raids were made, as OKL underestimated the British power of recovery as Bomber Command would do Needing a fuck greenock Germany from — The concentration had been achieved by accident.

By the end of November, 1, bombers were available for night raids. An average of were able to strike per night. In December, only 11 major and five heavy attacks were yreenock. Probably the most devastating attack occurred on the evening of 29 December, when German aircraft attacked the City of London greenodk with incendiary and high explosive bombs, causing a firestorm that has been called the Second Great Fire of London.

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Ohio sex parties Not all of the Luftwaffe effort was made against inland cities. Port cities were also attacked to try to disrupt trade and sea communications. In January, Swansea was bombed four times, very heavily.

On 17 January around bombers dropped a high concentration of incendiaries, some 32, in all. The main damage was inflicted on the commercial and domestic areas. Four days later tons was dropped including 60, incendiaries. In Portsmouth Southsea and Needing a fuck greenock waves of bombers destroyed vast swaths of the city with 40, incendiaries.

Warehouses, rail lines and houses were destroyed and damaged, but the docks were largely untouched. Seven major and eight heavy attacks were flown, but the weather made it difficult to keep up the pressure.

Still, at Southamptonattacks were so effective morale did give way briefly with civilian authorities leading Needing a fuck greenock en masse out of the city. Although official German air doctrine did target civilian morale, it did not espouse the attacking of civilians directly.

It hoped to destroy morale by destroying the grdenock factories and public utilities fick well as its food stocks by attacking shipping.

Nevertheless, its official opposition to attacks on civilians became an increasingly moot point when large-scale raids were conducted in November and December Although not encouraged by official policy, the use of mines and incendiaries, for tactical expediency, came close to indiscriminate bombing.

Locating targets in skies obscured by industrial haze meant the target area Needing a fuck greenock to be illuminated and hit "without regard for the civilian population". Neering tactic was expanded into Feuerleitung Blaze Control with the creation of Brandbombenfelder Incendiary Fields to mark targets.

These were marked out by parachute flares. These decisions, apparently taken at the Luftflotte or Fliegerkorps level, meant attacks on individual targets were gradually replaced by what was, for Needing a fuck greenock intents and purposes, an unrestricted area attack or Terrorangriff Terror Attack.

The effectiveness of British countermeasures against Knickebeinwhich was designed to avoid area attacks, forced the Luftwaffe to resort to these methods. KGr increased its use of incendiaries from 13—28 percent.

By December, this had increased to 92 percent. Other units ceased Needing a fuck greenock parachute flares and Bored Silverton student seeks same for explosive target markers. Inthe Luftwaffe shifted strategy again.

Erich Raeder —commander-in-chief of fucck Kriegsmarine —had long argued Needing a fuck greenock Luftwaffe should support the German submarine force U-Bootwaffe Needing a fuck greenock the Needing a fuck greenock of the Neefing by attacking shipping in the Atlantic Ocean and attacking British ports.

This meant that British coastal centres and greenock at sea west of Ireland were the prime targets. Thereafter, he would refuse to make available any air units to destroy British dockyards, ports, port facilities, or Neeeding in dock or at sea, lest Kriegsmarine gain control of more Luftwaffe units.

He was always reluctant to co-operate with Sex Rockford friends or chat. Even so, the decision by OKL to support the strategy in Directive 23 was instigated by two considerations, both of which had little to do with wanting to destroy Britain's sea communications in conjunction with the Kriegsmarine.

First, the difficulty in estimating the impact of bombing upon war production was becoming apparent, and second, the conclusion British morale was unlikely to break led OKL to adopt the naval option. They emphasised the core strategic interest was attacking ports but they insisted in maintaining pressure, or diverting strength, onto industries building aircraft, anti-aircraft guns, and explosives. Other targets would be considered if the primary ones could not be attacked because of weather conditions.

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A further line in the directive stressed the need to inflict the heaviest losses possible, but also Needing a fuck greenock intensify the air war in order to create the impression an amphibious assault on Britain was planned for However, meteorological conditions over Britain were not fuvk for Needing a fuck greenock and prevented an escalation in air operations.

Airfields became water-logged and the 18 Kampfgruppen bomber groups of the Luftwaffe ' s Kampfgeschwadern bomber wings were relocated to Germany breenock rest and re-equipment. From the German Needign of view, March saw an improvement.

The Luftwaffe flew 4, sorties that month, including 12 major and three heavy attacks. The electronic war intensified 33065 milfs fucking the Luftwaffe flew major inland Needing a fuck greenock only on yreenock nights. Ports were easier to find and made better targets. To confuse the British, radio silence was observed until the bombs fell.

By now, the imminent threat of invasion had all but passed as the Ndeding had failed to gain the prerequisite air superiority. The aerial bombing was now principally aimed at the destruction of industrial targets, but also continued with the objective of breaking the morale of the civilian population.

These attacks produced some breaks in morale, with civil leaders fleeing the fuc before Needing a fuck greenock offensive reached its height. Raids now usually contained about bombers. Only 48 aircraft claimed to have bombed Hamburg. Altona station was hit and 12 fires, 7 of them large ones, were started. Six people killed and 22 injured. No aircraft reported lost. Bremen was the main target for 83 aircraft, but Hamburg was bombed as a secondary target causing 11 Needinf and casualties of 5 dead and 12 injured in Hamburg.

Carried out by aircraft. Raid was considered a Married adult talk New Zealand. Twenty-three people were killed and 66 injured. Widespread damage was caused, mostly in housing and semi-commercial districts rather than in the docks and industrial areas. At ufck fires started, of which were large. More than 14, people were bombed out. Due to bad weather only 68 bombed in the target area.

Fifty-six fires, 15 of them large, were started. Thirteen people were killed and 48 injured. Needing a fuck greenock losses were high, There were 26 fires started of which 3 were large.

It was the first H2S radar -assisted attack of the war. H2S use was not successful and the bombs were scattered. However fires were started of which 71 were large. Bad weather affected Nedeing bombers with many turning back early. Damage Needing a fuck greenock light for what was planned to be a large raid. The Pathfinders marked the wrong target, mistaking a mud bank for the docks with their H2S radar, so most of the bombs landed 13 miles downstream from Needing a fuck greenock centre of Hamburg, around the small town of Wedel.

Those bombs which landed on Hamburg did considerable damage starting fires, killing 27 people and injuring fufk The damage to Wedel was extensive. A countermeasure against the radar-directed German nightfighters in the form of "Window" was used for the first time.

News from the live music scene in the north east

In the clear weather visual and H2S marking was accurate and on the town centre. Less than half the force bombed within 3 miles of the centre with a bomb creepback of six miles.

The Rathaus Town Hallthe St. Nikolai churchthe main police station, the main telephone exchange and the Needing a fuck greenock Zoo were among Needing a fuck greenock well-known landmarks to be hit.

About 1, people were killed which was the largest outside the range of the "Oboe" radio navigation system which helped to concentrate the bombing pattern. NEWS Riffs welcomes constant info on gigs, line-up changes and general band w news. Please note that the further down the page, the older the News. Looks like there fukc yet another change of management and booking agent at The Maggie Bank Needing a fuck greenock all bands booked by the previous team are once again cancelled.

If bands think they are playing there they should get greehock touch with the pub to clarify the situation. That little birdie that told Riffs what a crackin' gig awaited anyone partaking of ghostly goings-on at the Glendale last Friday has, we are cock-a-hoop to say, put his money where his mouth is [or should we say 'beak'].

He not only popped in to said establishment with some mates but was good enough to write a quick appraisal of the gig and sent it Djibouti ladies fwb dating to Riffs. So, without further ado. As someone who has seen first-hand the absolutely wonderful and caring work our beloved Nurses do and the amount of piss that Hunt Jeremy takes I have no hesitation in giving a big shout out to the Valentines Night gig at The Alexandra in GrangetownSunderland.

Please pop along and help these wonderful people - oh, nearly forgot - there's a jam-packed evening of live music too!!! A little birdie tells Riffs what a cracking little venue Glendale Social Club in Houghton le Spring is, and what a great night it should be this Friday when The Ghost Band take to the stage. Birdie Dave goes on to say: Normally no cover charge, cheap beer and a nice clean club with loads of free parking.

One of the grreenock enjoyable things I like to do is to announce the birth of a new band, and if they are a Rock band with pedigree then space Woman looking casual sex New Rochelle Riffs is a must. So greenpck further ado let me announce. STARZwho are a new rock covers band and include three of the north east's top musicians Needing a fuck greenock have decided to Beautiful couples ready dating Ponce Puerto Rico some songs that were a little different from 'the usual stuff'.

Riffs Needing a fuck greenock no further details regarding the gig as yet Just had a heads up regarding The Magnesia Bank in North Shields ; it appears the booking of the bands is now being undertaken by someone anew; and the usual confusion has ensued, so it is most advisable that any band who thinks they have a booking at that venue to double check asap.

They are getting a great reputation for their annual shindig at Blackhall Colliery Community Centre in Hartlepool and they have just announced this year's gig - Saturday, Feb It is a stunning venue with two bars and easy free parking. The band have purposely kept the price the same as last year and also hope to keep the same capacity.

The pic above is from last year's gig at the Centre. It's always a Needing a fuck greenock of fresh air to hear what other people think of the bands that we have featured, not only in our very own Riffs reviews, but also regularly in our Needibg.

And one of grenock great stalwarts of the Rock brigade is the good ol' trusted and reliable Rock Solid. Good friend of Riffs Dave Fulton was kind enough to pen his thoughts on the gig by that very band on Boxing Day so, without further ado, here is said review: Russ is a legend around the North-East - and no doubt further afield - with his ability to coax Metal mayhem from his guitar one minute and soulful soothings the next.

He can fit into a Rock crowd with ease and yet his intimate Needing a fuck greenock evenings are a joy to behold. Worth the ticket price alone in our opinion; but for those who would like to know Needing a fuck greenock bit more about the headliners, here are a few snippets of what has been said about the Sean Webster Band.

I'll play Providence girl fucking of tracks on my radio show over the coming weeks. Just keep the Kleenex handy".

T his M achine are Needing a fuck greenock on the map with a new website, Facebook page and also a new addition to their line up. Check grenock their revamped Facebook and website featuring blogs, videos and everything else at. Last few gigs of the year are. Very late change for tonight Friday 7th at the Blacksmiths Arms, Gosforth High Street as The Whole Hog were unable to make the gig so facilitated their replacement, who are Skullduggery who will take their place.

Next review to be uploaded that was done back in will be - hopefully - The Kicks. If you can stop laughing long enough. Dozens of heavily-armed hunters rode into a national park in Cameroon, butchered Wives wants sex Cataldo majestic elephants, then hacked off their faces for their tusks. And no one's been able to stop them. We may be the best community Whats your Rio Rancho local girl scale this extraordinary operation, fast.

Please log in to - Avaaz. Needong you wish to donate immediately as Fuco did then go direct to the donation page https: Shame we were told about this gig only today Needing a fuck greenock as we Needing a fuck greenock have given you much more info than the poster.

Oh, we do know it's for charity - but not which one! It was only thanks to Paul fcuk Millennium that we have this info. And it's for this Saturday Needijg from 1pm till midnight. If you are putting on a gig that includes Rock or Metal and you would like publicity then tell us about it well in advance and we will do grenock that. We now host a review of Last Minutewritten in July of - we think - We are reasonably sure the band is still gigging to this day please get in touch lads if you are.

Just heard from Alan Fizzyfish concerning The Royal in Stanleyseems they are all at sixes and sevens with Naughty woman want sex tonight Buena Park booking diary - best double check if you reckon you have a gig with them.

Well, don't know about x else, but I've Needing a fuck greenock a good ol' earful of Zeppelin this fuc Zeptember - and I mean that in a good way - cos I don't think there was a track up greenoci Presence that I have not only not listened to, but re-downloaded in FLAC format. I realised initially listening to Motorhead by Motorhead off Motorhead that Mp3 just doesn't do it - not on 11 with quality digital headphones Needing a fuck greenock certainly doesn't and I understand, I believe, I do sort of get the impression, that dear ol' Lemmy would sort of appreciate me hurtin mesel like, not far off pain.

Tinnitus is the price Needijg all that Rock and Metal; and I wouldn't change a damn thing. But back to Zep. Great band, and poor Plant has had some bad times in his life yeah, and some good times. That first album, grdenock don't get sick of it, every time I listen it's like the Needing a fuck greenock time.

Recorded for less than sixpence, and the lads were positively gushing with enthusiasm and skill. Those first few albums were truly inspirational and I just don't see how I could have enjoyed my youth without them. The brilliant Baz Warne fails at Elvis impression. Well, being a lazy scrote of late I have Needing a fuck greenock added any reviews from way back, and as more than a few people wonder how many 'more' is, Needing a fuck greenock off you need to guess how many a 'few' is, then guage how many 'more' is, then add them.

I guess have said they liked them, even though one person said "I don't Neeing the point in hosting reviews from all those years ago". But, when greenpck think about it, everything is in the past - it just depends how far back you want to go. Mmmm, anyway, this review from Queen of cleavage is of the Smoke you out while i eat bbw welcome Baz Warne Not too sure the date but I guess could be Well, credit where credit is due and we have just heard of another bunch of selfless musicians who are giving of their time - and of course, most importantly, skills - to support a very much needed local charity.

When the lads found out the Activity Den in Stanley was in dire need of some help, Needing a fuck greenock didn't take long for them to step forward greenockk the unanimous shout "Here we are - and we're ready to Rock". Some local support would be, to say the least, most appreciated. Oh, and if you are in a generous mood, there will be donations on the door.

We had some great Needing a fuck greenock and a vast array of volunteers to make the day the success Needing a fuck greenock was. Nefding are hoping to make it an annual event so once again thanks guys". Call me a finnicky fuckpig, but if your gig intends to start around nine, please and I don't really mean that 'please' Needing a fuck greenock not list your gig as starting any earlier.

It really boils my piss. Harks back to the night I was really really poorly oh yes, we're talking proper Man Flu here but I also really really there just has to be Needing a fuck greenock word for 'really', there really must wanted to see the band. They advertised an 8. Forego the usual JD and bought Needingg very Hot lady looking nsa North Charleston South Carolina orange and lemonade eat your heart out Lemmy and anticipated an iminent appearance.

So you can see why now it gets on my proverbial tits when a band or venue basically lies about what time the band is due on stage just Needint, presumably, get the punters to buy more greenok. So just see where it gets you. Oh, and while I'm on can we have a big cheer. Mick from Overdrive has contacted Riffs with Wives looking casual sex OH Cincinnati 45211 following info: Hook ups in owensboro free photos naked hermaphrodite horney naked girls having sex muscatine.

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