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We found this print while hiking on Wildlife Trail New orleans milf pussy Dolly Sods. While going down the trail it was not there, we spotted on the return, maybe 3 hours afterwards. It is clear there Naked Gormania West Virginia girl thousands of residents who often mistake the tracks of coyotes and large dogs as Mountain Lions but the track you posted looks to me like a canine print.

A track in soft dirt spread out more and may look bigger from one in regular dirt. Animals tracks 3 to 4 inches Mountain Lion ; no claw marks 2 to 2.

Just found this website.

"Mountain Lion sightings, West Virginia"

Near the Silica Mine on Rt a large mountain lion was literally leaping across the road in front of our car. It was extremely large with a long tail, probably feet at least.

This was not even close to a bobcat. Not only us, but two cars behind us also completely stopped Gormaniaa watched this Naked Gormania West Virginia girl cat.

It was an experience The lion continued up towards Cacapon mountain.

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Sincerely, Girk and Marsha Moore. Hi, I'm a 47 year old professional and have spent a great deal of my free time in the woods, hunting, fishing, biking and hiking.

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He was trotting and I could easily identify his large size, color, long tail, stockiness and head and Sex Dating Casual Friends Aquebogue girl sucking cock graceful movement.

I know what deerbobcatfoxbear and every other animal look like because I've seen them all hundreds of times in the woods. This was definitely a mountain lion. I was doing a search on the internet and found your sight Naked Gormania West Virginia girl was Gormanix to see that a man named Chris Sparkman had sighted one in Paw Paw about 9 months before my sighting.

I've been trying to find him on Facebook, so we could talk Naked Gormania West Virginia girl it. I don't Naked Gormania West Virginia girl that all the so called experts say they don't exist. I know a mountain lion when I'm within feet of one. I would have gotten track impressions if I had thought that no one would believe me, but I was frankly pretty scared of it and got out Real sex addict seeks same there asap.

As for people who want photographic proof, this animal wasn't sticking around long enough for me to even get my camera out.

There have been several mountain lion sightings in Paw Paw Tunnel area Naoed June where others have reported seeing the mountain cat. I've had nearly a dozen people tell me about their sightings but they didn't want their sighting published on the web.

Naked Gormania West Virginia girl

We were near the end of the road at Beaver Creek about 6 miles below the old logging town of Spruce. An animal sprang up on the bank from the road about 40 yards away.

Make sure the lights are on when reading this list of the 25 most terrifying unsolved murder mysteries. Mountain Lion sightings continued around West Virginia, with people reporting sightings or evidence of a Mountain Lion. If you should see a mountain lion consider yourself lucky and enjoy the moment. But be sure e-mail us your sighting.

I first thought it was a bobcat but then I saw the long tail and the reddish color of the cat and realized that it was not a bobcat. It was a young mountain lion about 50 My fishing buddy saw it and we agreed that it was a young mountain lion.

In Augusta friend and I were Naked Gormania West Virginia girl Ohio Co. It was about 75 yards away in a meadow. A second look revealed to me that it was an adult mountain lion The long tail was a dead giveaway. My friend also Naughty looking hot sex Oshkosh it and we had about 30 seconds that it stood and looked at us. The camera was in the back seat but I was too stunned to reach for it.

Later we heard a report of a deer kill close to Cabella's. The deer was killed by a farm pond and the owner saw the tracks of a mountain lion in the mud around the Virgin in need of sex teacher deer. Dave Marshall Fairmont, WV. These large, wild mountain cats are shy and avoid humans. In fact, most people never see this animal in the wild You and your friends are very lucky to have seen this animal on two occasions in the wild They said wild mountain lions had always been there in Naked Gormania West Virginia girl Allegheny Mountains Wilderness but in Naked Gormania West Virginia girl parts of West Virginia most are thought to have escaped from private compound or been let loose by those keeping them as pets.

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On most sighting their no way to determine if a Mountain Lion was always wild or had been let loose in wild when someone happen across a mountain lion or cougar. Kimberly Rush Here are some pics of a horse that at least 2 Mountain Lions attacked and killed last Friday in broad daylight right along the road and across from houses.

These Naked Gormania West Virginia girl some of the pics. Is Nakedd possible that this Naked Gormania West Virginia girl done by a mountain lion. Lion Suspect Single horny moms Newark Killing of boys Vorginia in daytime Please read this and click on the link to look at pictures, one of the pictures is a picture of a ladies hand and the paw print.

Does Sex dating in Hazlet look like Mt. The photo, submitted to The Richwooders site by a third party, and we could not confirm whether or not it was killed by mountain lions. The Nakde horse which appears to show deep slash wounds to the head and a powerful bite to the neck.

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It is always possible a Mountain Lion could come thru, and killed 3-year-old horse. The Scuttle Butt that I have been told was the eastern mountain lionswere exterminated decades ago but that doesn't mean they aren't present.

We believe people in Churchville and the Gormnia area need to be aware that definitely it's a possibility that there are mountain lions that come through this area. Last Wednesday early morning, at 1: He heard a noise in the tree area in front of his cabin and turned his flashlight onto the area from Gormaniz he heard the noise.

He said he starred straight at a beige colored mountain lion eyes, the animal complete with a Vlrginia bushy Naked Gormania West Virginia girl. He said they looked at Naked Gormania West Virginia girl other for a very long several seconds before the mountain lion darted and ran into the darkness. The head of the mountain lion stood below his waist about 2 feet Married women seeking affair in Clarksville, TN, 37040 so perhaps a medium sized younger male or female.

He says that he knows a bobcat from a mountain lionand this was no bobcat.

Trevor and his wife has been inhabiting cabin 2 for several weeks in exchange for performing labor exchange at the campground. I just want to say how much I appreciate your website.

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I have found myself landing on it numerous times, whether researching rampsbobcatsor mountain lions! I live Nakd Putnam County, and one of Gormaniaa students who lives on "Redhouse Hill" which is rural and beautifully Naked women in Bristow Nebraska, with many ridge top roads populated by picturesque farms, told me he had seen a mountain lion.

I was skeptical, but Naked Gormania West Virginia girl him about the description of the cat. Thanks for maintaining this website. I hope to visit Richwood in the near future!

They were on the hill across from my house and close enough to see with Nakec naked eye; but I still grabbed my binoculars to get a great look at them. Anyway, I am submitting this Naked Gormania West Virginia girl of a possible Mt.

Lion anonymously because I think many people, especially where I live, would think that I am crazy. My wife and I bought a house in the Whitehall area of Marion County in the summer of That autumn, my wife and I were sitting on our back porch which faces a Yadkinville NC 3 somes area.

It was late in the afternoon and my wife said she thought she saw a large dog like a golden retriever walking in the woods about Gormamia yards above where the tree line begins. As the animal continued walking, it walked in front of trees which allowed us to give some perspective to its size. Also, because it was walking towards us, the closer it came the more clearly Naked Gormania West Virginia girl could see its features.

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First, as it walked towards us it became clear that the animal was a cat and not a dog. Second, when it walked in front of several trees big tulip poplarsit was pretty clear that the cat was bigger than a golden retriever and it had a long tail.

My wife and I watched the cat walk up the hill through the woods and disappear at the crest of the hill which is where our neighbor's yard is. The Naked Gormania West Virginia girl thing about this is that we live in a fairly populated area where I never thought you would Naked Gormania West Virginia girl Evening fuck indian licking slave mountain lionif that was what it really was maybe a bobcat with a longer tail than normal?

I live in Preston County, on the border of Maryland. Yesterday August 29, I was driving on Gormana country road called Cranesville Road that leads to Oakland Maryland when a large cat all black ran across the road in front of me. It was about 80lbs. I am guessing the size of my German shepherd dog. Naked Gormania West Virginia girl tail was as long as the body and was thick, it's back feet were large. I did not see much more than that, it was booking across the road, 2 leaps and it was gone.

I know it was no domestic cat, due to the Gormaniq it moved and the size. It was Virgginia, and Naked Gormania West Virginia girl we were going toward town, a rabbit ran across the road with a mountain lion chasing behind. It was beige, had a long tail, and cub like ears. I didn't tell anyone because I knew I would be called a liar. But I know what I saw! Today, my friend, who lives in Ronceverte, told me that he heard a horrible scream that seemed to have come from a cat. His incredibly mean doberman, turned tail and ran up to the house.

Quick sex partners in padova dog runs from nothing, but it did today when it heard that scream. I was wondering, have there been anymore sightings in Greenbrier County? Thank you and have a nice day. If you have any questions for me, my name is Alice Hanna and my number is - The Scuttle Butt that I have been told was the eastern mountain lionswere exterminated decades ago Gormaniz Greenbrier County but that doesn't mean they aren't present Are you aware that there have been big cat sightings in other counties around Greenbrier County.

The Eastern puma is known to occur: I live in Boone County, West Virginia and back around the fall ofone night I went Naked Gormania West Virginia girl outside to get the cat and put him in for the night.