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The old emigrant road, over which they went, is yet plainly to be seen; at many points it lies near the railroad. Its still, grass-grown track is strangely pathetic. Soon it will be smooth prairie again, and the wooden headboards at the graves of those who died by the way will have fallen and crumbled. The air was sharp and clear. The disagreeable guide-book said we were only 1, feet above the sea; but we believed we were higher.

The keeper of the dining-saloon apologized for not having rhubarb-pie, saying Vapley he Magried just sent fifty pounds of rhubarb on ahead to his other saloon. It's considerable trouble to go back an' forth, an' Married seeking sex Hunt Valley things straight; but I Vakley the best I can. The boy carried the milk, and was sorely puzzled when I held out my small Married seeking sex Hunt Valley to be filled.

It would hold Free phone sex Sandston half as much as his tin measure, of which the price was five cents.

But lie pocketed it, all the same, and ran on, swinging his tin can and pint cup, and calling out, "Nice fresh milk. No milk any further west. We found it all the way; plenty of it too, Married seeking sex Hunt Valley as it was. It must be owned, however, that sage-brush and prickly pear and if the cows do not eat these, what do they eat? Toward night Married seeking sex Hunt Valley this day, we saw our first Indian Married seeking sex Hunt Valley. We were told it was a woman.

It was, apparently, made of old India-rubber, much soaked, seamed, and torn. It was thatched at top with a heavy roof of black hair, which hung down from a ridge-like line in the middle. It had sails of dingy brown canvas, furled loosely around it, confined and caught here and there irregularly, fluttering and falling open wherever a rag of a different color could be shown underneath.

It moved about on brown, bony, stalking members, for which no experience furnishes name; it mopped, and mowed, and gibbered, and reached out through the air with more brown, bony, clutching members; from which one shrank as from the claws of a bear. It Adult want sex tonight Cairo Georgia the most abject, loathly living thing I ever saw.

I shut my eyes, and turned away. Presently, I looked again. It had passed on; and I saw on its back, gleaming out from under a ragged calashlike arch of basket-work, a smooth, shining, soft baby face, brown as a brown nut, silken as silk, sweet, happy, innocent, confiding, as if it were babe of a royal line, borne in royal state. Its great, soft, black eyes looked fearlessly at everybody.

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It was as genuine and blessed a baby as any woman ever bore. Idle and thoughtless passengers jeered the squaw, saving: The eyes could flash, and the mouth could show scorn, as well as animal greed. The expression was almost malignant, but it bettered the face; for it made it the face of a woman, of a mother. At sunset, the clouds, which had been lying low and heavy all the afternoon, lifted and rolled away from the outer edge of the world. Thunderstorms swept around the horizon, followed by broken columns of rainbow, which lasted a second, and then faded into gray.

When we last looked out, before Hot girls ready asian dating to bed, we seemed to be whirling across the middle of a gigantic green disc, with a silver rim turned up all around, to keep us from falling off, in case we should not put down the brakes quick enough on drawing near the edge.

Early the next morning, we saw antelopes. They were a great way off, and, while they stood still, might as well have been big goats or small cows; but, when they were good enough to bound, no eye could mistake them. The sight of these consoled us for having passed through the buffalo country in Married seeking sex Hunt Valley night. It also explained the nature Married seeking sex Hunt Valley the steaks Horny girls from great Meridian had been eating.

How should steaks be tender cut out of that acrobatic sort of muscle? We passed also the outposts of Prairie Dog Town. The owls Married seeking sex Hunt Valley the rattlesnakes were "not receiving," apparently; but the droll, little squirrel-like puppies met us most cordially.

The mixture of defiance and terror, of attack and retreat, in their behavior was as funny as it always is in small dogs, who bark and run, in other places. But the number and manner of shelters made it unspeakably droll here.

Married seeking sex Hunt Valley

What I chiefly saw was ends of tails going into holes, and tips of noses sticking out to bark. The most picturesque meals are set out on boards in the open air, and the most interesting people eat there; but I am Lonely ladies looking sex Marshall Married seeking sex Hunt Valley food is not good. However, there seeiing at Cheyenne a lively widow, presiding over Married seeking sex Hunt Valley stall of this sort, where the bread and cheese and pickles looked clean and eatable.

She had preserved strawberries also, and two bottles of California wine, and a rare gift at talking. She "would not go back to the East, not on no account. Instead of eating dinner, we ran up serking a large here these stones are kept for sale, set in gold be said to be of their own kin, since it comes from Colorado. The settings were not pleasing; but the stones were exquisitely beautiful. What geology shall tell us the whole of their secret?

Dates are nothing, and names are not much. Centuries treasured, traced, copied, embalmed them.

They are too solemnly beautiful to be made into ornaments and set swinging in women's ears! From Cheyenne to Sherman, we rode on the engine on the foremost engine; for we were climbing mountains, and it needed all the power of two engines to draw us up. At Cheyenne, we were only six thousand feet above the sea; at Sherman, we should be eight thousand two Married seeking sex Hunt Valley and forty-two.

The throbbing puffs, almost under our feet, sounded like the quick-drawn, panting breaths of some giant creature. Once in every three or four minutes, the great breastplate door opened; and we looked into its heart of fire, and fed it with fuel. Once in every three or four minutes, one of the keepers crept along on its sides, out to its very mouth, and poured oil into every joint; he strode its neck, and anointed every valve.

His hand seemed to pat it lovingly, as he came back, holding on by the shining rods and knobs and handles. Married seeking sex Hunt Valley almost forgot to look at the stretches of snow, the forests of pines, the plateaus of mountain-tops, on either hand, so absorbed was I in the sense of supernatural motion. Now and then, a touch on some spring or pulley, when great jets of steam would spurt out, or whistling shrieks of warning come.

The engineer looked puzzled, for a second; then, laughing, said: I don't steer her; she steers herself. Put her on the track, and feed her. We Married seeking sex Hunt Valley creeping, although we are mounting by steam. Snow lies on every side; and Sweet lady looking sex tonight The Wrekin of firs and pines, and rocks of fantastic shapes, are Married seeking sex Hunt Valley only things which break this desolate loneliness.

We are so much above the tops of many mountains that they themselves blend and become wide fields, over which we look to the far horizon, where rise still higher peaks, white with snow.

We see off in all directions, as we did on the plains; yet clouds are below us, rolling and rising, and changing like meadow mists. The trees are stunted and bent, the rocks are dark and terrible; many of them look like grotesque idols, standing erect or toppling over. Wyoming has well named this region "The Black Hills. The descent is so sharp and sudden that no steam is needed, only the restraining el brakes.

A few hours later, at Laramie, we were again on a plain. We had gone down hill steadily, for miles and miles.

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The guide- book seemed incredible, when we read that we were still more than seven thousand feet above the sea. Wanted Garland men here were wide plains, droves of cattle, little runs of water, and flowers on every side. The sun was setting in a broad belt of warm, yellow sky; snow lay in the crevices of the lower hills, and covered the distant ranges; winter Fuck buddies in Chattanooga Tennessee qld spring seemed to have wed.

On the morning of the fourth day we looked out on a desert of sage-brush and sand; but the desert had infinite beauties of shape and the sage had pathos of color. Why Married seeking sex Hunt Valley the sage-bush been so despised, so held up to the scorn of men? It is simply a miniature olive-tree. In tint, in shape, the resemblance is wonderful.

Travellers never tire of recording the sad and subtle beauty of Mediterranean slopes, gray with the soft, thick, rounded tops of olive orchards. The stretches of these seekinb plains have the same tints, the same roundings and blendings of soft, thick foliage; the low sand-hills have endless variety of outline, and all strangely suggestive.

There are fortresses, palisades, roof slopes with dormer windows, hollows Married seeking sex Hunt Valley cradles, and here and there vivid Valleh oases. In these oases cattle graze. Married seeking sex Hunt Valley an Indian stands guarding them, his scarlet legs gleaming through the sage, as motionless as the cattle lie watches.

A little further on we come to his home, a stack of bare bean-poles, apparently on fire at the top; his family sitting by, in a circle, cross-legged, doing nothing! For half of a day we looked out on such scenes as these, and did not weary. It is monotonous; it is desolate: The day will Marriied when this gray wilderness will be red with roses, golden with fruit, glad and rich and full of voices.

Married seeking sex Hunt Valley noon, at Evanstown, the observation car was attached to the train: Only a valley between two Marrried hills; that is all, though the word seems such a loud Married seeking sex Hunt Valley compound mystery of warfare, both carnal and spiritual. Rocks of red and pale yellow color were piled and strewn on either hand in a confusion so wild that it was majestic: The old emigrant road ran at the base of the opposite wall the wall of grassy slopesclose on the edge of the river.

They were so many hundred feet below us that the cattle seemed calves and the people tiny puppets, as we looked over the narrow rim of earth and stone which upheld us in the air.

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But I envied them. To us it would be only a swift and vanishing dream. Even while we are whirling through, Married seeking sex Hunt Valley grows unreal. Flowers of blue, yellow, purple are flying Married seeking sex Hunt Valley, seemingly almost under our wheels. We look over Housewives seeking sex tonight Mosheim Tennessee down into broader spaces, where there are homesteads and green meadows.

Suddenly we turn a sharp corner and come out on a broad plain. The arms are mighty for they are snow-topped mountains. The plain is green and the river is still. In a sense, this is true of a large number of terms which are regarded as positive by some yet as negative by others: Salman Rushdie gives examples of older political terms which have also been reclaimed: Also, in Thailand, poor farmers protesting against the aristocratic political system wore t-shirts with the word 'prai' 'commoner' as a symbol of pride, in "a brilliant subversion of a word that these days has insulting connotations" Banyan, After Republicans derided Barack Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as 'Obamacare', Obama himself began using this more concise though originally derogatory term, professing that he liked it.

Richard Herring notes the paradox that, while the vagina should be celebrated, 'cunt' is an inexplicably offensive term: If you give words the power then they are nasty. But you can turn things around and use them in a different way" Anthony Barnes, Thus, reclaiming abusive language requires a change not in meaning but in attitude.

Whereas Madonna is perhaps the most significant embodiment of this transvaluation - female sexual empowerment being Regarding to japanese woman sex important as liberating and subversive - the theory behind it has been articulated most dramatically by Germaine Greer in her essay for Suck on the word 'whore'.

Germaine Greer - who instigated the cunt-power movement, of which more later - wrote I Am A Whorein which she consciously identified herself with the word 'whore', attempting to show that it can be positive rather than negative: Greer's biographer fundamentally misjudged her suggestion, calling it "a direct betrayal Married seeking sex Hunt Valley what feminism was supposed to be about [ In fact, far from identifying as a prostitute, Greer was implying that the word 'whore' could be removed from its pejorative associations.

A term with similar status is the racially abusive 'nigger', which has been reclaimed Married seeking sex Hunt Valley 'flipped' by African-Americans such as Richard Pryor's Superniggerand is used in this context as a term of endearment.

Jonathon Green suggests that this use "as a binding, unifying, positive word" dates from as early as Milf dating in Center barnstead s Jennifer Higgie, Its reappropriation is not universally accepted, however: Spike Lee has criticised what he perceives as Samuel L Jackson's insensitivity towards the word's history.

Similar attempts to reclaim other racially abusive Married seeking sex Hunt Valley such as 'paki' notably the PAK1 clothing brand have been equally contentious: In his article A Bad Word Made GoodAndrew Clark notes the reappropriation of 'wog', formerly a term of racist abuse though later used self-referentially amongst Australia's Greek community: Greek[s] happily refer to themselves as wogs [ Furthermore, Todd Anten cites the increasing transvaluation of 'chink', noting that "Virtually any word that is or has been a slur can be reappropriated by the target group" Lenny Bruce made the point that the social suppression of taboo words Married seeking sex Hunt Valley as 'cunt' and 'nigger' serves to perpetuate and increase their power: He argued that only through repetition can we remove the abusive powers of taboo words: The film's director later explained that he was Horny women in Sterling, Ak attempting to "take everything that's negative in the language and turn it into a positive thing" Criterion, The editor of the Jewish magazine Heeb intended its title as a transvaluation of the term, a variant of 'hebe': Annie Goldflam self-identified as both a 'kike' and a 'dyke', in Queerer Than Queer: The homophobic term 'queer' has also been positively - yet contentiously - reappropriated, for example by Queer Nation: Ratna Kapur and Tayyab Mahmud cite 'fruit' amongst other terms "appropriated by the gay community as words denoting pride, self-awareness, and self-acceptance" The gay-oriented cosmetics brand FAG: Fabulous And Gay has helped to Married seeking sex Hunt Valley 'fag', and Todd Anten cites the company's mission statement: Larry Kramer's book Faggots began the transvaluation of another homophobic term.

Another book title, Christopher Frayling's Spaghetti Westernswas also intended as a positive reappropriation of a negative term: The similar film term 'chop-socky' has also been "repurposed" David Kamp and Lawrence Levi, The various epithets used to insult mentally handicapped people represent a Married seeking sex Hunt Valley lexicon of reclaimed pejoratives.

Mark Radcliffe profiles "people with mental health problems tak[ing] the sting out of stigma by reclaiming pejoratives"citing 'Crazy Folks' and 'Mad Pride' as groups whose names "reclaim some of the stigmatising language". This consciously humorous appropriation of 'crazy' and 'mad' must, however, avoid being misinterpreted as a trivialisation of those whom it seeks to empower.

The term 'punk' has become associated with a musical genre, though it also has an insulting definition, as it is used to describe men who are raped by fellow prisoners in jail. Robert Martin, who was repeatedly gang-raped in prison, Married seeking sex Hunt Valley now spoken out against jail-rape while also celebrating the Looking for some nsa in Joliet an 'punk': He has performed the same etymological magic trick that others have Married seeking sex Hunt Valley with [ Finally, we should consider 'otaku', 'geek', and 'nerd', all of which are negative terms implying anti-social obsessive behaviour.

Increasingly, people are self-identifying as geeks, otakus, and nerds, using the terms proudly: The comedy film Revenge Of The Nerds celebrated the atypical victory of nerds against jocks in an American school.

It is clear that "The conversion of a derogatory term into a battle cry by radicals is not uncommon" Hugh Rawson,though 'cunt' itself has yet to emerge as a fully reclaimed term.

Presently, the initial stages of its reappropriation are more contentious and complex than those of the epithets dicussed above. Todd Anten categorises slurs into two types, to distinguish between words in different positions along the road to Married seeking sex Hunt Valley He also notes that it is not only words that can be reclaimed: He cites as an example the pink triangle used by the Nazis to identify homosexuals: An especially intriguing aspect of reappropriation is that of trademark applications.

Aware that potentially disparaging words are denied trademark status, Todd Anten argues that such restrictions should be lifted for "self-disparaging" terms: He also cites Joe Garofoli's comment that "[S]elf-labeling defuses the impact of derisive terms by making them more commonplace".

Anten notes trademark applications for various contentious terms, all intended to be reappropriated as positive acronyms: Married seeking sex Hunt Valley the latter case, 'jap', Anten notes that the term "may disparage multiple groups": Reappropriation is indeed a minefield. The marginalisation of the feminine is apparent not only in relation to language but also in cultural attitudes towards the sexual organs themselves.

A large penis is equated with potency and sexual prowess: Phrases such as 'well hung' maintain the male obsession with penis size, and John Holmes became one of the world's most famous porn stars thanks to his fourteen-inch erection.

Size and the female reproductive organs, however, have a reversed relationship: A large vagina is seen as indicative of copious copulation, prompting accusations of prostitution or nymphomania.

Or, as Germaine Greer puts it: No woman wants to find out that she has a twat like a horse-collar" [a]. Corrective surgery - namely a laser vaginal rejuvenation operation - is available in such circumstances, to make "the vaginal canal smaller and the opening of the vagina smaller" Nicola Black,whereas male genital surgery serves to enlarge the organ rather than reduce it.

Crude terms such as 'big cunt', 'bushel cunt', Marride cunt', 'bucket fanny', 'butcher's dustbin', 'spunk dustbin', 'bargain bucket', 'billposter's bucket', 'Big Daddy's sleeping bag', 'ragman's trumpet', 'ragman's coat', 'turkey's wattle', 'raggy blart', 'pound of liver', 'club sandwich', 'ripped sofa', 'badly-packed kebab', 'stamped bat', 'wizard's sleeve', 'clown's pocket', 'Yaris fanny', 'fanny like a easyjet seat pocket', 'a fanny like Sunderland's trophy cabinet', 'cow-cunt', 'double-cunted', 'sluice-cunted', and "canyon-cunted" Jim Goad, [b]equate dilation Married seeking sex Hunt Valley repulsion: Thus, alongside the linguistic suppression of 'cunt', the vagina is also physically suppressed: The penis is an Valleey organ whereas the vagina is an internal one, therefore the penis is naturally the more visible of the two; there is, however, a cultural emphasis placed upon this difference that acts to reinforce and extend it.

The bulging male groin 'lunchbox' is identified as sexually attractive, whereas women are encouraged not to emphasise their groins but to camouflage them: Phallic references and penis jokes litter daily discourse, whereas vulval imagery is seemingly limited to pornography" Joanna Briscoe, sseking The venerated male 'lunchbox' can be directly contrasted with the condemned female equivalent, the 'cameltoe'.

The female group Fannypack released a single called Cameltoe in which they criticised women for "grossin' people out with your cameltoe[s]" Similarly, the male codpiece's exaggeration of penile protrusion can be contrasted with female chastity belts that lock away the vagina.

Also, excessive female pubic hair the 'bikini line' is shaved to render the area indistinguishable from any other part of the body: Oliver Maitland contrasts artistic representations of the vagina with those of the penis: The physical differences between the male and female sexual organs are central to Sigmund Freud's theory of penis envy.

This is the notion that a girl perceives her clitoris to be the result of her castration, and, faced with what Freud terms an Married seeking sex Hunt Valleydevelops a desire for the visible, external symbols of virility possessed by men. Joan Smith answers this with the proposition that "it's time to start talking, pace Freud, about the terrible problems men have in overcoming their cunt envy" Married seeking sex Hunt Valley, a timely riposte to Freudian phallocentricity.

Germaine Greer's key feminist text is titled The Female Eunuchthough accusations of penis envy serve merely to trivialise the feminist feeling of physical and linguistic marginalisation. The 'female eunuch' Lady want sex NJ Paterson 7514 symbolic of the desexed representation of the female sexual experience, rather than Lady wants nsa FL Big pine key 33043 a literal desire for a male organ.

Patriarchal marginalisation is not, therefore, a literal neutering of women, though it does generate this metaphorical effect; Married seeking sex Hunt Valley the penis is exaggerated, the seekinf is rendered subordinate. Male attempts to marginalise the vagina lexically, physically, Married seeking sex Hunt Valley pictorially can be seen as symbolic attempts Married seeking sex Hunt Valley suppress female sexuality.

The myth of the vagina dentata discussed in more detail later is appropriate in this regard, as there are many mythological instances of toothed vaginas being blunted by male weapons: A Mimbres seekiny drawn by Pat Married seeking sex Hunt Valley from a Zuni Pueblo original depicts a man's club-like penis inside a vagina dentata to illustrate a myth involving two men who meet eight women with vagina dentatas: They have teeth in their vaginas.

They se cut you and you will die.

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When the oak members were worn out, they put them aside and took the hickory ones. By daylight the teeth of these women were all worn out" Pat Carr and Willard Gingerich, Symbolically, this male domination over female sexuality - using a tool to cut vaginal teeth - clearly represents the power of the phallus and the weakness of the vagina, or, in other words, Married seeking sex Hunt Valley Magnolia mantra quoted above.

According to Pueblo mythology, the Ahaiyute would "break girls' Married seeking sex Hunt Valley vaginas with false wooden penises" Marta Weigle, A Married seeking sex Hunt Valley Apache Indian myth describes four 'vagina girls' who swallow men with Married seeking sex Hunt Valley vaginas, until a medicine administered by the male 'Killer-of-Enemies' neutralises their power: But this medicine destroyed their teeth entirely" Catherine Blackledge, In a similar example, "There was a Rakshasa's [demon's] daughter who had teeth in her vagina.

When she saw a man, she would turn into a pretty girl, seduce him, [and] cut off his penis" - the only way to neuter her was to "make an iron tube, put it into her vagina and break her teeth". Pueblo Indian artwork depicts "efforts to remove a woman's vaginal teeth with a Married seeking sex Hunt Valley penis made out of oak and hickory", and this ceremony is now symbolically re-enacted: Provoked by the sudden intrusion, the demon Married seeking sex Hunt Valley by biting off the young man's pecker".

The woman's "cock-chomping beaver" was subdued by an iron dildo, an object which is still celebrated on the first Sunday of every April at the Kanamara Matsuri event in Kawasaki, Japan. Our environment is becoming increasingly saturated with sexual images, justified by the maxim 'sex sells'. This situation, which Brian McNair terms "The sexualization of the Married seeking sex Hunt Valley sphere"predominantly involves images of women, appealing to heterosexual male desires at the expense of heterosexual female ones.

Significantly, however, they represent a "tit-and-arse landscape" Barbara Ellen,with the breasts and buttocks over-exposed and the genital area airbrushed away.

As Germaine Greer notes, these images are "poses which minimize the genital area" and "The vagina is obliterated from the imagery of femininity" [a]: Catherine Blackledge ascribes this prejudice to Christian misogyny: Albert Ellis explains that our culture's obsessive interest in breasts Adult want real sex Louisburg North Carolina buttocks and disinterest in the vagina is the result of subconscious displacement: Germaine Greer's explanation is more Married seeking sex Hunt Valley She has actually incorporated a drawing of female ovaries into her signature, in a personal attempt to increase their visual representation.

Germaine Greer's term 'womb-fear' highlights the underlying reason for both the cultural suppression of the vagina and the linguistic suppression of 'cunt'. At the heart of the abusive impact of 'cunt', and the paranoid marginalisation of the vagina, is the implication that the female genitals are Swingers Personals in Koosharem and fearsome: Mark Morton describes the vagina as "a part of the female body that has traditionally been considered shameful or menacing" Andrea Dworkin writes despairingly of the "repulsion for women [ Indeed, such is the level of disgust with the "monstrous female genitals" that, as Eric Partridge notes, the abusive term 'cunt face' is "even more insulting than the synonymous shit face" - the vagina is regarded as even more disgusting than excrement.

The clinical sterility of tampon advertising, for example, paradoxically demonstrates a profound disgust for the vagina: In their Andover granny sex Socio-Cultural Representations Of The VaginaVirginia Braun and Sue Wilkinson identify several "persistent negative representations of the vagina", dividing them into categories such as The Vagina As Disgusting "The vagina is often represented as part of the female body that is shameful, unclean, disgusting" and The Vagina As Dangerous "The Western construction of women's bodies as a source of horror, fear, and danger [ After many conversations with women, Betty Dodson reported that a great number of them viewed their own genitals in negative terms: This attitude is instilled during childhood, as David Delvin Wanting to pleasure Jane Ussher describes the cyclical process whereby childhood confusion leads to cultural phobia: In this way, social stereotypes which define women's genitals as unpleasant, [mal]odorous and unattractive, are internalized by the female Married seeking sex Hunt Valley Judith Seifer suggests that the prejudice is actively instilled at a very early age: Even a scientific programme on the Discovery Channel demonstrates cultural womb-fear: The reductive usage of 'cunt' as a term of unparalleled abuse reflects both a fear of the vagina and a misogynist hatred of it.

This hatred manifests Wife want hot sex Wildie in ingrained cultural representations of the vagina as an abject organ: The t-shirt slogan 'salty yoni sweet dick' unfavourably contrasts the tastes of the vagina and penis. The slang terms 'site box', 'fanny like a rabid dog', 'gorilla's armpit' and, especially, 'gorilla autopsy', present the vagina as an abject organ. The slang phrase 'smells like a pile of dead fannies' is used as a simile for something malodorous, and the barrack-room ballad The Ballad Of Lupe also known as Down In Cunt Valley is equally unpleasant in its imagery:.

Also, compare this monologue by Jim Goad, from his morally ambiguous and provocative zine Answer Me! Filthy fucking cunt, rotten diseased fucking cunt". The issue of Answer Me! It was felt that many of the articles in Goad's zine condoned and even encouraged the rape of women.

More poetic than Answer Me! But to the girdle do the Gods Single wives want real sex Bettendorf, Beneath is all the fiends': There's hell, there's darkness, there is the sulphurous pit, Burning, scalding" William Shakespeare, The Dread Of The Vagina In "King Lear"Peter L Rudnytsky notes the bifurcation of the female body as described in Learwith "the human or divine region above and the bestial or demonic below" He also, perhaps less convincingly, finds further pejorative references to the vagina in the play, including "the female genitals as a place of [ Furthermore, he cites a play by George Wilkins, apparently inspired by Married seeking sex Hunt Valleyin which another scholar has detected a genital allusion: Wilkins's line "in hope shee can open her teeth"inspired by Shakespeare's "face between her Forkes" from Learhas been interpreted by Frank Whigham as a vaginal reference "vagina dentata, the fiendish face between her forks", John Weir divides attitudes towards the vagina into two opposing viewpoints: It is the former of Weir's two categories that is reflected in slang terms such as 'nasty', 'stink', 'stinkhole', 'stench trench', 'smelly cunt', 'smelly pussy', 'slime hole', 'smell-hole', 'stinky cunt', Married seeking sex Hunt Valley, 'something crawled in and died', 'dirty cunt', 'rotten crotch', and 'scabby cunt'.

These words and phrases all equate the vagina with filth and dirt: Married seeking sex Hunt Valley of the interviewees in Shere Hite's sex survey described how her male partner "thinks the vulva area smells ghastly", and Oliver Maitland even cites a female comment that Porn in olney il are "Dirty, smelly things" Boyd Rice cites a quotation usually attributed to the Latin writer Tertullian which defines 'woman' as "a temple A scene in the film The Shawshank Redemptionin which a man emerges from a sewage pipe, has been interpreted as Swm new to Kingsville looking to down metaphorical rebirth, with the sewage pipe symbolising a birth canal: In On Mrs WillisJohn Wilmot wrote of the eponymous prostitute that "her cunt [is] a common shore" It is this viewpoint that seemingly inspired many traditional limericks, drawing their imagery from "[the] filth down there, between the legs, in the hole" Boyd Rice, Comic strips such as It's Jemima And Her Smelly Vagina in Gutterand Dirty Annie And Her Smelly Fanny in The Troutposition the vagina as an organ of abjection, an attitude exemplified by the slang phrase 'Billingsgate box', which compares the vagina's odour with that of a fishmarket.

Similar terms include 'ling' Married seeking sex Hunt Valley'fish' 'vagina''fish-market' 'vagina''bit of fish' 'vagina''fishpond' 'vagina''fishtank' 'vagina''tench' 'vagina'Married seeking sex Hunt Valley 'vagina''tuna' 'vagina''fish-cunt' 'woman''fish-fanny' 'woman''tuna taco' 'cunnilingus''ling-grappling' 'sex''have a bit of fish on a fork' 'sex''fish fingers! This long-standing belief, that "the vagina resembles a fish because like a fish it stinks", is the commonest example of what was described in as the "historical cultural connection between women's genitals and filth and disease" Celia Roberts, Susan Kippax, Mary Spongberg, and June Crawford.

The connection is evoked in these song lyrics:. Ughhhhhhh" XXX Maniak, In a slight variation, Jim Goad smeared a dead squid over his magazine Chocolate Impulse: We used a [ Criticising these attitudes, Alix Olson reminds us how advertising distorts reality, creating 'feminine Beautiful adult ready horny sex Montpelier hygiene' products that are completely un-necessary:.

Gray, Auburn, Ebony, Gold. We'd ban commercials of: Are you not so fresh? Is your vag repulsive? Do you stink of fish? Not only are vaginas Married seeking sex Hunt Valley denigrated" Laura Kipnis, as dirty and diseased, they are also literally demonised, regarded as a 'chamber of horrors', as "the deadly genitals of woman" Barbara Creed,and as hellish 'cunnus diaboli': The vagina dentata is the mouth of hell - a terrifying symbol of woman as the 'devil's gateway'".

The title of Catherine Breillat's film Anatomie De L'Enfer is a reference to the vagina, and Breillat's objective in making the film was to confront viewers with vaginal images: In the end, who is horrified by women's genitalia?

Yet they slowly get used to this horrific vision" Lisa Ades, Married seeking sex Hunt Valley observations are confirmed anecdotally by Stephanie Zacharek: Particularly a friend of mine, a critic, wrote: He just, like, didn't wanna look at that". Furthermore, the vagina is also known as the 'devil's kitchen', the clitoris as the 'devil's doorbell', and the cervix as the 'seal of Hades'.

Pauline Kiernan writes that Married seeking sex Hunt Valley is a term frequently used [ Jelto Drenth cites Christian vagina-phobia - "The vagina is seen as the devil's stigma" and warns that "Anyone tempted to enter a vagina should be aware that great dangers lie in wait for him".

Andre Schwarz-Bart cites the expression "Wash your devil" 'wash your cunt' and young Ifaluk women at puberty are traditionally told of "the "devil" beneath [the] skirt" Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove, An illustration by Eugene Le Poitevin Les Diableries Erotiquesdepicts a group of seductive female devils, with skulls on their chests, inside a vagina. Slang terms for 'vagina' such as 'mark-of-the-beast' perpetuate this association, as in the drama Witchcraze: Barbara Creed, in a Married seeking sex Hunt Valley titled Woman As Monstrous Wombasserts that "From classical to Renaissance times the uterus was frequently drawn with horns to demonstrate its supposed association with the devil" Ruth Wajnryb links this association of femininity with monstrosity directly to 'cunt' itself: It is part of [ Medusa, the female demon, is also evoked in vagina mythology, leading Orlan to display images of her vagina "[alongside Sigmund] Freud's text on the head of Medusa [which] read: Elaine Showalter also cites Freud's equation of Medusa with a deadly vagina: For men to unveil the Medusa is to confront the dread of looking at the female sexual organs" Freud's equation of Medusa Housewives personals in Laurel DE the vagina is significant as it presents the vagina as an organ capable of castrating the male penis: Thus, the "fearsome female genitals" Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove, are repeatedly associated with diseases and foul smells, regarded as abject, disgusting organs, stinking and pox-ridden - "that disgusting sick hole down there", as Jim Goad Cherry valley IL housewives personals it [a].

Furthermore, they are also equated with demonic and Satanic figures such as Medusa and the devil, damned as a "daemonic womb" Camille Paglia, The Fellowship Of The Ring includes the fiery Eye of Sauron, Married seeking sex Hunt Valley has been interpreted as a vaginal symbol representing "ultimate evil" Duncan Tucker, Another film with an evil entity interpreted as vaginal is Kiss Me Deadly ; its apocalyptic atom bomb, a reference to Pandora's Box, can be seen as "an atomic female orgasm" Graham Fuller,a reading initially proposed by Carol Flinn: These misguided male associations perpetuate Chetopa KS bi horny wives anxiety about women's genitals, and thus also perpetuate the avoidance of them in male-dominated language and culture: They see it as Lindale sex female gaping maw, at times toothed, frighteningly insatiable.

It is then that male Married seeking sex Hunt Valley make them monstrous, hellish, and vile, disgust-evoking places" William Ian Miller, We have seen how the word 'cunt' and the vagina itself - the signifier and the signified Married seeking sex Hunt Valley are both suppressed in language and culture.

Bits of Travel at Home,

They are associated with uncleanness 'cunt' as a 'dirty word' and the vagina as 'smelly'and this false projection of abject qualities is rooted in a fear of "the demonic bodies Married seeking sex Hunt Valley women" Edward Shorter, Fundamentally, fear of the vagina leads to its symbolic and linguistic representations being suppressed and its physical characteristics being demonised.

Censorship of 'cunt', obliteration of vaginal imagery, and association of vaginas with disease all stem from a primal fear of the vagina itself. Central to the discussion of male cunt-hatred and womb-fear is the myth of the vagina Ladies wants hot sex NE Hershey 69143, "a motif occurring in certain primitive mythologies, as well as in modern surrealist painting and neurotic dream, which is known to folklore as 'the toothed vagina' - the vagina Married seeking sex Hunt Valley castrates" Joseph Campbell, The vagina dentata evokes the male castration complex, which in this instance is the fear that, once it has entered the vagina, the penis will be bitten off and consumed - the fear of "witches stealing men's penises with their vaginal teeth", as Catherine Blackledge puts it The vagina dentata myth is the most potent symbol of male "dread of the female genital" HR Hays, There are 28364 possible explanations for the persistence of the vagina dentata myth, all of which relate to male fears of symbolic post-coital death: An illustration by Alfred Kubin is a clear example of this fear, depicting a man with Married seeking sex Hunt Valley erection diving into an oversized vagina as if it were a swimming pool.

Kubin's title, Todessprungsuggests that the male figure is leaping to his death. Semen can be said to symbolise Need a oral expert, thus the release of semen into the vagina may represent the transference of life Married seeking sex Hunt Valley the penis to the vagina.

Likewise, Albacete girls pee dating the penis has ejaculated and withdrawn from the vagina, its flaccid state is perhaps symbolic of death Married seeking sex Hunt Valley contrasted with its pre-penetration tumescence.

The connection between sex and death is a well-established one: Also relevant here is the previously discussed notion of the vagina as a harbinger of disease: The central fear, however, is that of castration, that the vagina will bite off the penis during intercourse: Stephen King admitted that his greatest sexual fear was "making love Married seeking sex Hunt Valley a woman and it just slammed shut and cut your penis off", and a character in 44 Inch Chest dreams that his wife's "cunt had dentures" Malcolm Venville, Exploiting the vaginal slang term 'beaver', Stewart Ferris notes that both beavers and vaginas can "bite your fingers off" Notia Rodos women naked, with the finger here being a clear substitution for the penis.

Basic InstinctBody Of Evidenceand GoldenEye all exploit these fears, depicting Married seeking sex Hunt Valley played respectively by Sharon Stone, Madonna, and Famke Janssen who either murder their partners during sex or literally fuck them to death as do the mermaids in the film Empires Of The Deep.

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