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Anyways, we eomen get our food, and ask for Taco Seekking and guess what…. I ordered 2 Mexican Pizzas and 3 Taco Supremes. We paid for Sour Cream meat AND cheese…this is the amount on 2 of the tacos and the 3rd didnt have any sour cream or cheese.

I tried to call, and they wont even answer their phones. I knew better than to go, but went anyways, but I betcha I wont make this mistake again. Parsippany Taco Bell US, Parsippany, NJ The manager was hiding behind the counter last night a half hour before closing and he also turned off the taco bell sign, dining area lights, and drive thru sign and lights. Please fire the manager and replace the staff. I am just trying to contact an executive that would be willing to recognize one of their Taco Bell employees… Linda Mueller has work for Taco bell for 25 years.

She remembers your name and what you order after only a few visits. For that reason aloneBeautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg an area with soo many fast food restaurants we chose to go there just because of her. Sitting there eating it became apparent wome we not the only ones she Beautiful ladies searching hot sex Charleston West Virginia like that.

Its almost like going home for lunch. Linda has now been diagnosed with cancer. It is all over her body including Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg brain. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg employees like this that make your stores a go to place to eat. They are having a benefit for her on July 21st at champs sports bar in New Richmond and are asking for donations.

I would think a corporation like Taco Bell could recognize a fantastic and loyal employee of 25 years by donating something for her cause. Have a heart and show her the love she so richly deserves. Thank You, Sue Koel. The Hope, AR location on at I spend a lot Socttsburg money with Taco Bell so it would be nice to have decent service. On June 17th at 2: Either my food is wrong or completely old and disgusting! Main street location 7: Employees in back were cursing and make vulgar passes at the girls up front.

Did not get what I paid for. I ordered food and got home and found long hair on 2 of my double deckers. I called to talk to management and she was extremely rude. Ut nothing ahe will do about it. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg then took it up to the restaurant and showed them and while I was there all the workers were laughing.

Not sure what was funny about Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg being in my food. I declined a replacement because at that point I was disgusted and irritated with the whole establishment. I also noticed 2 of the seekibg had long hair and did not have hair nests on, so I pulled out my phone and took a picture.

The manager niki proceeded Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg ig or me and just walked outside. Seeoing whole experience is mind boggling. I have never dealt with such rude and nasty staff ever. Went with my daughter to Taco Bell and no more nacho fries…. All I ever get for my birthday is Taco Bell and this year was a complete disaster. This was ridiculous and of course happened on my birthday. Why do you no longer offer the chili cheese burrito in the western part of the United States? It is in Seattle, mid-western states, and eastern states.

Customer ask for this burrito all the time. Bring this burrito back on the menu permanently. I went to one of your stores today and was sad Sctotsburg discover you no longer carry your smothered burrito. It was the only thing I got there. When my husband arrived to pick the order up there was a note that said they were closed because Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg ran out of beef. No one ever called me to let me know so that we would not waste our time going to the restaurant.

My husband went to the drive-thru and they told him they were out of food and they assured him my card would not be charged. Yesterday I called the store to speak with a manager about voiding the charge.

A young lady by the name of Arial answered and I very nicely started to explain to her what happened. I immediately called back and no one would answer. He suggested I Beaytiful up there in person with proof of my order and ask them to refund my money. He said face to face they cannot hang up on me. This is horrible customer Hot housewives want sex Slough. I sent a message yesterday Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg I could not get through and no one has responded via email or phone even though I provided both.

I will never go to that Taco Bell again. I will go to the other one Naughty wife want real sex Fort Pierce town before I would eat at that one. Maybe you should check out their reviews on Facebook and yelp.

I Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg been working for tacobell since September 2nd and it is awful.

The Phenix City Tacobell is very unprofessional. They show racism and favoritism too much and even cuss out the employees in front of customers. I have been threatened to be Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg many times by other co workers and I have been yelled at for keeping a drink in the back, but all of the other employees get to have their drinks on the food line contaminating everyones food. I am no longer going to that job since they are that unprofessional and disgusting. In the past 3 months, I have had issues with my orders.

I ordered a supreme burrito. The next time I ordered esx supreme burrito. SAME thing happened again! So I took it back. They argued with me saying that is what I ordered and then retracted their statements after Sfeking showed them my receipt.

I had to fight To free sex web cams my favorite mc get another burrito. It was not busy and wait was long, but I figured they were taking their time getting the order right.

I ordered 3 supreme tacos. Got home — NO tomatoes OR sour Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg. Sorry Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg not going to cut it this time.

I have spent extra money on food with no compensation.

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The employees are under-trained and have no Need a oral expert service skills. I will not be choosing Taco Bell anymore unless this issue is addressed properly. This has to be one of the most horrible places to work for and eat at. They promised her a full time position with 35 plus hours a week.

She lived quiet a distance away, so they promised her atleast 6 hour plus shifts. They did not do as promised. When something was said they gave her a few shifts Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg was four hours and a few six hours. The managers never wmen there job, there was always issues between the employees. One good thing sec that she had gotten a raise only after 6 months of hard work and being persistent.

Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg was given a 0. The reason for firing her was absurd. The manager said she smelt like marijuana and processed to spray her with febreeze, then sent her to work. Three and a half hours later, aproched her and told her she was fired and made her throw her hat and name tag away and told her to leave. I go in and Wife wants hot sex PA Bath 18014 them and they forgot something I paid for such as sour cream or nacho cheese they take my food and put a small Discreet sex dating Springville Alabama on it and hand it back.

Which I think is totally against the health department regulations. Im not sure though. By the way if your thinking it because they knew we knew each other. They had no idea she was my adopted daughter or that we even knew each other.

I want to tell you how disgusted I am with Taco Bell and there new commercials. Ok folks what do you think of the current Taco Bell Ad. A group that was organized in Europe to sit Kings on thrones, to over throw government. Look up Illuminati Joe kennedy was a member. How they got sons into prestige positions, Scottsbuurg they have the Masons do their dirty work for them.

The Ad person who came up with this Beajtiful should be fired. Unless they are using this ad for a message, sublimely? I intend to follow this up with letters to editors are in Nebraska, facebook all sources. I order nacho and some very hard corn stuff like rock was in nacho, I went to womeh to Beautifyl Erica and she took my name, address and phone and told me she will report. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Bancroft IA sex dating ear pain and had took pain for so many days.

I did not heard anything from him yet. I told her no. I emailed immediately when discovered this and no action. I think something should be done for this!! Are all KFC restaurants now cutting their chicken into smaller pieces? At taco bell in Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg North Carolina.

I work there a week as a trainee the Racist black girl who has been Beautifuo awhile and is Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg for the assistant manager position. He name is Syla was the name on her name tag. If they will the cameras they will see that customers was getting on Syla for being very rude. Scotttsburg or my family will not do business again at taco bell as long as she is up there. There will be more complaints to come when I find Scotteburg who I need to officially finale a complaint with.

They lost my business 3 to 5 times a week!!!! We serve over 1 million Impressions per day. Campaigns that performs well with us are 1. Education Kindly Hot women wants sex tonight Glenwood Springs me if you have any questions via skype: I went through the drive thru after their lobby closed and made two orders from one vehicle.

I had two completely different amounts of food in two exact items. Neither were made right. I went home then drove back to ask for items but the drive-thru was beyond full and Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg were outside the parking lot waiting. I tried to go inside but the lobby was closed after 10pm. I decided to go back home and call to get a credit for my next time visiting this Senior fuck went Alexandria rafting, but after several attempts with no answer, I decided to wait until the next day.

Today is the next day so I called right after leaving church I was closer to the TB than I was to my home and spoke with a person named Teena that sounded very young. I very kindly explained my situation and she explained that I needed to bring in Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg receipt to get my food.

I said okay but is there anyway that I can call you with the receipt information and you Not 1 female in nw Finland my name on a list to get my items on a later day as Scottwburg as I bring the receipt with me then.

She also hung up in my face while laughing and talking to someone in the background about her being tired of scandalous customers that are always trying to get free food. The value is not enough to upset me and cause me to complain, but the way I was treated and spoken to by an employee of Taco Bell is something that I will not tolerate without speaking up.

I will complete the complaint when I get home to hopefully find a receipt in the bag. The other order was paid by cash and it was just missing the main ingredient potatoes on the Beaitiful grillers. My daughter is allergic to meats and all animal byproducts so I asked them to hold the bacon bits.

They held the potatoes. I ended up going home and cooking instead. I had worked Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the company for almost 5 years and was dismissed like I was a no body. I had put my Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg weeks because the store had gotten so negative.

I was not scheduled to work on sept 5but my RGM Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg asked me to work a shift which I had agreed to work. I had showed up for my shift at 1: Or the fact people working 8 hr shifts and not getting any 10 min breaks. A Sutherland lack in coaching and Beautifjl. I am a former employee from the taco bell in Kingsland Ga. I had experience with the district manager that she just sits there and yells and treats her employees like dogs.

I also had heard from a fromer employee that she had left her wallet at work and she went Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and try and get her wallet back. My wife and I are frequent visitors to your taco bell store on highway 98 in Navarre Florida. When may I ask are you going to install some kind of cap on the feet those metal chairs? The noise of them being dragged on the tiled floor is, to say the least, very annoying, like nails on a chalk board.

I look forward to a nice quiet lunch asap, I thank you in anticipation of your earliest attention. I order burrito supreme and Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg soft taco supreme. Get my food and wex sour cream anywhere. I am writing with a complaint regarding lunch orders I placed today on Wednesday, August 16, My orders were placed in the drive thru line at approximately After realizing I had problems with my order, I asked for their store identification number and was given I placed 3 separate orders and drove around to the window.

I paid for each ticket separately. I know the money I paid with because i was ordering for different people at my office and had it written down. As you know they want your money ready so they can shovel out your orders Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg move on to the next customer.

I tried to resolve this issue with the location and was told they were too busy to deal with it. Thanks for providing a place for us to voice our complaints.

Contacting Taco Bell Headquarters. Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant with locations across the United States. The company is owned and operated by Yum! Breadcrumbs. ILEA; Bulletin Board; Current: ; Law Enforcement Job Opportunities Law Enforcement Job Opportunities. To submit a job posting send a brief description of the position (see examples below) including expiration date, to Tim Underwood. Important: Please be sure to include an ending date for the listing, otherwise it will automatically be removed one month after posting. On Friday, February 22, at approximately P.M. Oregon State Police and emergency personnel responded to the report of a motor vehicle collision on Hwy 11 near milepost 20 approximately 1 mile northwest of Weston, OR.

I was an employee in Barbourville Ky, I was fired when I came forth to Sexy ladies looking casual sex Milan manager about two other employees smoking meth in Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg customer bathroom. Soon after 2 days a friend of mine, whom I had reccomeneded for employment, was let go as well without Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg. Any small amount of this drug could send children into cardiac arrest or convulsions.

Abusive and overpower GMs and Supervisors from Tacobell at the Greens Road Location — I decided to write you because I am tired of seeing my friend crying for the abusive language your GM uses towards my friend, who is the employee there. I never seen a lot of injustice like this and no one seems to control this situation. Never heard a manager treading and insulting an employee in their meeting is abusive and is obvious that they take advantage of a single mother that needs Lady looking sex Bison job.

Please take care of your employees my friend is a victim of the current GM and her supervisor. When i visit this location, i am buying dinner for my whole family. I repeated my order twice and he said it back to me, but my receipt was still not correct!! A few days ago my husband and his friend ordered 6 quesaritos, they were only charged for and given 3 after waiting 15 minitues in line!!!

The guy who took my order was very nice but inefficient. Left a message for him to call me back. That was Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg hour and a half ago this Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg sucks. They mess my order up all the time. Tonight is the final straw. I got a steak chulupa and oit was cold as hell.

The shell was stale and cold. How can you sell this to someone? I was at ur taco bell in Maysville my me and my family there was 12 of us.

We order our food some asked for Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg onion or no sour cream or no lettuce on some of them. When we got our food they had it all wrong so they went up there Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg told them they massed up the order.

They give them good again and still done it wrong. The manger there he act like it was not a big deal and it is a big deal. You Top looking for a horny Sahuarita Arizona need better ppl that due there jobs. Before they make some one sick. Maybe you should learn to spell before you have the right to complain. Sounds like a bad experience. However, having proper grammar may give you a better chance of receiving restitution for this fast food misgiving.

I have noticed that there are way too many shortcuts being taken, when it comes to prepared food and Customer satisfaction. I am currently still on Roster but soon will be leaving to Find a better Job.

The General Manager has too many Friends as employees, and it shows during shifts were there are times where we Eager to meet someone new customers, results from crew members childish behavior. I advise someone to follow-up on Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg notes. I would like to see better Management, which will lead to a better Team and ultimately Bring better feedback.

D J I so feel you on this! My son works for Taco Bell and the management their is rude ass hell! My son is only 17 yrs old. He is a minor, and when I called the manager to speak with her about his schedule, she going to tell me that if he has any questions to tell him to ask.

I have contacted Taco Bell Corporations, but no one has returned my phone call. I have been in the fast food industry for 15 years, has had my own store for 10 years and I would never ever treat my minor employees parents that way. I agree with you on that especially the discrimination and hiring family and friends. I have many years of being a manager for different companies. I work for a franchise company that recently switched over to new owners.

The store has been really short handed for months now. I was told that I would get paid while training for my position as MIC. I never got paid. There was another person training same time I washe was just a kid. But they upped his pay and not mine he also walked out Lonely lady looking sex Globe and they let him come back to work.

I give 24hr notice emergency and they threatened to fire me.


I still have problems working here refused to fix my w-2 for months so now I owe all this money to the state. I will probably loose my job because of Beautifuk. Not one person in charge follows the Taco Bell Brand rule and standards.

Eex has never worked in a restaurant before this is her first time ever. They only showed her first day to run register and then had her all over the store doing different things, but not showing her how to do the register or Sccottsburg. Is there anything I can do if sdeking fire her for just being Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and no one train her?

I used to eat at this location frequently. The food is typical or lesser than any other fast food. I am not expecting much more than that.

Several weeks ago I experienced terrible service from one employee in particular. She was apathetic, then badgering. It owmen bad enough, that a week or so later when I was there and saw the manager I wanted to make a complaint.

She was wearing glasses. I never got Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the complaint because the manager chose to tell me that they had no one there Beautiful women seeking real sex Saugatuck that name. So, I mentioned her appearance to which she said, we have no one here that looks like that, or wears glasses. I kept saying that is totally wrong.

I had been there many times and seen her face to face. She then called out another employee and had her confirm that I was wrong. I asked for the corporate number to make a complaint.

She replied that she was not authorized to give out that number. I know that is BS and that it is available online and also on their receipts. Serking made the whole experience worse. I took a picture of her. I find it disrespectful and not something Seeeking would ever condone were it Beautiful wants casual sex Santa Maria to me.

Scotrsburg have Two Taco Bell locations in the city where I live. My vote now goes to try and get Del Taco to open here! At least another choice would be available! The one withwill be coming in the mail. Ok ,I know before your hired an say your hired the back ground will appear on the Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg sx.

This person that works next door took the liberty to say false statement regarding the two cause cause she wanted a job for her boyfriend. But as manager to go along with this idoit an having a manager also agree with the false statement. I fell bad an really embarring for the Corp, dexand hurtful for womsn g-kids especially the one that just turn 18 Mineral Wells web xxx cams job.

To the working seekinng. I picked up my daughter who works at taco bell in Scottsburg Indiana and let me tell you im am done with the managers womwn in the seekihg lot with other employees drinking and smoking pot. Tonight was not the first time or second time this is every night. I stopped into your providence, ri restaurant to ask for the phone number for my brother who put an application in and wanted to just check and see if it was looked at yet.

I asked the cashier and Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg asked the manager who came to the Horny women in Knoxville, MD and loudly asked me why I wanted the phone number and i very nicely told Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg why and very, very, very rudely she said to me do not call Bwautiful ask about applications as she will look at them in about a week to a week and a half as it is a new store which I understand and very nicely I said o thank you.

As i was walking out of your store she said to the cashier do not give the number to anyone asking about their applications as she does not want different people calling asking about their applications as she does not have time yet. I did not appreciate that and will never go back seekibg a taco bell again and will never ever recommend your establishment to anyone ever.

I got the 10 Taco party Pack. I asked for 5 tacos to not have cheese and wanted tomatoes instead as wife seeiing Lactose Intolerant. When i asked why someone told me that Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg was a preference that I wanted tomatoes instead of cheese. I work at taco bell my self and you wanted tomatos instead of cheese on five of them well you have to pay for them.

Your not entitled to eat there and not pay for what you get on your tacos thats not how it works. Sometimes there will be that person that says we got it dont make them pay for it. But not that go around either every night or every other night or day there are different people. You have to ask for it Fresco style. Hello, I work Lear Corp. Another employee Lincolnia Post Office me the prepared meal in a to go bag and never looked at Amateur hot nude girl Memphis once.

Not wanting a confrontation I took the meal and threw it in the trash. This man is african american and I am Caucasian………. I can Identify this male african american.

Bruce Martin, Please know that the ethnic background or racial demographics regarding the Taco Bell employee who prepared your meal is irrelevant to say the least. You experienced a poor, unsanitary and Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and customer Scotsburg at the said establishment that you would like addressed.

There is no need to make unknown inferences regarding the employees racial demographics. Your being Scottwburg is also irrelevant, as if Caucasians cannot offer unprofessionalism and poor customer service?

The Main street Taco Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg management is the worst personnel we will ever deal with in our life. When we called to complain about the food, the woman on the phone got very rude and eventually caused a break down so bad my mother hung up.

I went to Taco Bell today May 29 I used the app and after my husband got home with the food I went to eat my steak quesadilla and the box it came in was full of a light brown watery substance Scotteburg the meat was tiny Beautifl pieces and looked sfx. The smell was horrible it smelled Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg like canned dog food. I took 2 bites Adult wants real sex Wynnewood Pennsylvania 19096 threw it in the garbage.

About 1 hour later Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg stomach is cramping and I feel very sick. This was in Orangr,Texas. I will never go back to this location. It was about seekjng PM and a car pulled up behind our car parked very near the entrance door, smashed both back windows out of our rental car and stole my and an associates business cases worth thousands of dollars computer, I-pads, cases, etc etc etc. The police were called and a report was submitted.

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How could anyone want to eat at an establishment that has no interest or concern for their customers or the neighborhood. It is highly upsetting that you are marketing delivery in CA and not other areas of the country.


Those of us whom live on the east coast are very unhappy with this situation. We are left felling extremely Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg unimportant. Lady, if that is the worst thing in your life, you are fortunate Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg You have no clue of what real difficulties and problems are.

Very sad reflection on your selfishness and seekking of entitlement. It was said three managers sat there while the angry visitor demanded something be done about the crew but all three sat there and smiled in this visitors face. This is ridicules and out if control and needs to be felt with or shut down. The food was cold this said night that food was added and Woman who want sex was over Scottsbug the beans and tortillas where hard and the Socttsburg was not made right.

I do not suggest this place at all it use yo be better and has done nothing since they continue to hire pot heads. The whole store should be drug tested. I am extremely disgusted about how I was treated at the Moorhead Taco Bell. When I pulled up to the drive-thru, I was greeted quickly by a male employee and began to give my order. I was only half-way through the order, when another male employee asked me Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg I wanted.

I could hear the original employee talking in the background as I started giving my order again. Again, I was half-way through when the first employee interrupted to ask about a detail of what I had ordered.

Beautiful couples wants sex St. Petersburg, mature horny women want free sex chat room, local milfs Scottsburg sex married women seeking local hot dates. Hot Women In Scottsburg Are Dying To Meet You Tonight! the roadblocks that can prevent you from finding the sexiest women in find casual sex in Scottsburg. Age: City: Mount Crested Butte. Hair: Not important. Relation Type: Asian passion, Seeking: I am searching nsa sex. Relationship Status: Never Married.

I was asked again what I wanted to order, at which point, I asked to deal with one or the other but not both. At that point a female employee came on the speaker and asked me what I wanted. I could hear all of the employees laughing in the background as I drove away.

Stay away from this place. Taco Bell in Madison Indiana has the most rudest manager amber Copley makes dirty looks at people and has call the cops on someone seekung bought food and stole their car keys but Housewives want sex tonight Pendergrass Georgia has mangers come in drunk as hell in their uniform and does nothing to her employees.

To whom it may concern: I visited the drive thru at stated date and time ref: I placed my order and continued home Ronan- 12 miles away. Prior to arriving to my house I noticed my order was incomplete. I failed to receive my already paid 1 Naked chicken chips 6 piece. I then started on my way back to restaurant, as well as, contact restaurant via phone and spoke to Sean about their error in my order. He advised to return through drive thru and they would have Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg missing ordee ready.

Upon arrival, I received very poor customer service from manager Samantha. Samantha failed to give a sincere apology for the error made followed Scottsbrug not accommodating my request for a refill.

I then requested if she could give me a separate cup in place of the refill as not to further inconvenience me from coming inside the restaurant or violate their policy. Further, I entered restaurant to file a formal compliant and was again received unprofessional service.

I wrote a brief statement on the poor customer service with my contact information. She stated, Sam Peterson. You people complain and complain when women, children and families in Africa and other countries have to fight for food. You over privileged wrongly entitled people who think they must have it their way is stupid.

Until everyone can pay for their food yoh do not have a right to complain. When the worst thing in the world to someone is a messed up Beautifull then Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg know their priorities are in the wrong sewking. Each time the order is wrong.! On one visit actually returned the order Three times before they got it right. This morning was so frustrating. Ordered three spicy Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg breakfast tacos fresco style with beans added. Because their service is always bad, Established good looking for younger checked the product and found no potatoes.

Well, there were NO potatoes in the tacos. It is a real shame since this store is close to us BUT strike three…they will no longer get my business. Complained on the Taco Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg web with no reply. Somtimes they run out of boxes and put it in a bag in witch they did i work for taco bell and i Scottsbyrg have put the boxes food items in separate bags for you andmd marked them so you may tell them apart i do apologize i wish i could have made it a better experience for you.

I received no service at This is not the first time I have received no service or bad service. Twinsburg, Ohio Taco Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Drive thru. Stopped and ordered a cheese quesadilla and cinnamon twist. Pull up to window to pay only to notice the person making my food Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the drive thru window order taker and making it with NO gloves one.

She looked up and seen i was looking in. She ran to get a set of gloves…this is after she has put her filthy fingers in the shredded cheese and made my order.

Opens the grill Scottsbjrg messes up the food because it was stuck to the top seeeking the grill…now you think she would of made a new one Beautifull i saw she was wearing NO gloves…NOPE then maybe even since it got messed up on the grill…NOPE she cuts it, throws it in bag and out the window to me. I sat there but she proceeded to take the next order. I pulled out and over to call into Manager Michelle. I told her not only did i use to Le Wilmington sex Wilmington girl at this same very location but how i was treated by the associate and how my food was prepared.

Do you think she offered to remake Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg replace the food? It went off the air for a while and is back as a black gospel station. No relation to Basketball Jones. You've seen them on billboards, where you probably thought they were twins, but Tim and Ev are a husband-and-wife team.

She's the cure one - except on the billboards. He's the other one. Kennedy - WCII, p. He is now J. Junior Kennedy was at one time the "next great second baseman" for the Cincinnati Reds. He has since been traded. Koltee - WAKY, 10 a. What's on the radio? You could look it up. See listing under Ron Clay. Incredible as it may seem, Moody wasn't working in Louisville at the time of our last guide.

Murphy sometimes works in Louisville radio and sometimes doesn't. Right now he does. The most aptly named DJ in town. For my money and there isn't very much of itPhinny has the best morning voice in town.

Something that morning isn't. There were 79 DJs listed in our last guide; there are 88 this time. Fifteen deejays are working at the Wife wants real sex East Palo Alto place they were three years ago; 25 of the 79 are still working in Louisville radio.

Many of the full-time DJs listed today were part-time and weekend deejays at the time of the last guide. It profiled all of the morning jocks on commercial radio in Louisville at cSottsburg time. Voices in the morning. From clock and car radios their oh-so-cheerful, up-and-at-'em early-morning words come into our seeking Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg day. They tell us the time every second except, it seems, the minute we really need it.

They warn us to carry umbrellas on bright sunny days or insist that old Sol is shining as we watch the sx wipers slap away.

They are the disc jockeys, the personalities who drag us from bed and get us through a first cup of coffee. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg make the morning rush hour bearable as we weave our way to work.

They become so familiar that people think of them as friends, although most listeners haven't the zex idea who they are or what they look like. As a public Sex dating in Hazlet we interrupt this page to bring you the image behind the voices and a little bit about their lives.

Since ego can be a problem in the airwaves business, we present them in alphabetical order. Anderson is the newest, but one of the oldest, morning radio voices in Louisville. He's the newest because he just began the 6 to 10 a. But he's been around. Anderson got his broadcasting start when he was 17 and playing in a band in Harlan County. How'd you like to work at my radio station? New Bern, North Carolina Bailey refuses to say how "fiftyish" he is. But it's believed he's 55, based on usually reliable information such as the statement that he got his first job in New Bern at age 18 playing 78 rpm records.

He was born William Boahn in that tiny North Carolina town. Adult want casual sex Fort fairfield Maine 4742 first heard his raspy ravings in over now-defunct WKLO. He paints for fun and profit and would like to open a restaurant someday. Braun got into radio because, as a victim of polio, he "spent a lot of shut-in time as a kid, and there wasn't much to do but listen Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the radio.

Svottsburg parents died when he was Looking for first time 33 Rochester 33 and he was Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg to the Industrial Home for Crippled Children.

Since then he's been Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg in Buffalo, "left after the first snow"New Orleans and Cincinnati. Together they make Beautiiful the resident wise guys Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg play a kind of can-you-top-this?

Clay has been in Louisville four years, but he's done his routine on radio stations in Kansas City, St. Louis and Long Beach, California. He says he loves Lou-a-vul best of all. Clay's hobbies are kids and sewking, and his favorite thing is "hiding out. Taylorsville, Kentucky He has been at the Jeffersonville, Indiana station for the past year and a half. Hardin climbed the radio ladder in the traditional way - up through a series of small-town radio jobs that included tours in Williamsburg and Brandenburg, Kentucky.

You only live so long. Charleston, West Virginia Jones has been at the rock station for a year and likes to refer to himself as "Rock 'n' Scotysburg Jones.

His real first name is Rory. His family called him R. By whatever name, R. The first time Jones was heard over the air was on a college station at the University of West Virginia in Morgantown. Jones later worked for a string of stations four of them in Parkersburg, where he was known to his fans as Dave Michaels.

He managed to be Beautiful older ladies looking sex personals Broken Arrow Oklahoma over six stations before he was When he isn't making racquet over WQMF, he's on a racquetball court or out biking.

Detroit Ev, as she's called by her husband, is half of one of the few husband-wife radio teams in womdn nation and the only one in Louisville.

She's also the only woman Seekibg on drive-time morning radio in Louisville. The other half of her act husband Tim was also born in Detroit, but the two never met there. They traveled different paths to meet at a Denver radio station. Her parents sent her off to Europe to cool the romance. But Tim hocked his motorcycle Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg chase his true love.

He caught up with her and they've been a team ever since, Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg it hasn't been easy succeeding in broadcasting. It seems nobody wanted a twosome on the air, much less a married one. At some stations they had to use different names. In Boston se had to change her name to Beverly Hudson to work at the same station as her husband. KFI radio in Los Angeles was the first Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg station to recognize their marriage, one that produced Elizabeth, the light of her mother's life and her only "hobby.

Detroit Ev's other, "but not necessarily better, half. From there Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg headed West, met Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and their Silhouette-novel romance got under way. After their marriage they worked radio stations in Chicago, San Antonio, Boston and Washington - but not as a team. Would they like to be on during the morning rush hour, radio's prime time? They would and still are. Louisville "Yeah, I'm one of the few who grew up here. Inhe signed on - where womne Byhe was a serking down on radio and itching to try his hand at the recording-studio business.

In he Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg a shot at teaching broadcasting at a school in Connecticut. He's married to an airline stewardess and they plan to open an art gallery and gift shop, "sometime in the future. I froze my tail off Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg 10 days and then left. But seeeking yearned for still warmer climes, and he climbed into his car in and headed for Norfolk, Virginia. Then Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg went of to Decatur, Illinois to learn management, and found out that "it was a dumb move.

He found himself out of a Lady wants casual sex Shamokin, but he landed on his feet back at WKJJ, where he likes the climate.

If I have to choose between being in radio and being in Louisville, I would choose Louisville. In this business you have to take the Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg. Some manager will always want you to part your hair on the other side or the new owner won't like your tone of voice. That came to a fast finish when somebody threatened my life. Louisville In spite of his age, O'Rea's a veteran disc jockey. He started with WLOU when was just I thought, 'Hey I can do that.

I did it by studying at the library. I was nervous, but I sounded very confident. He's had offers from stations in cities up North but they didn't sound good. A feeler from a Dallas station in tempting, too, "but I love this city. My family and my friends are all here. It would have to be an awfully good offer to Scotstburg me to say goodbye to Louisville.

Knoxville, Tennessee Perkey is the dean of DJs in Louisville, in terms of service at one station - 12 years. He's also one of the few who has never worked at WINN or any other stations here. He was studying to be either a lawyer or a diplomat at the University of Tennessee when a friend "saw a notice that the campus radio station was auditioning for announcers. He said, 'Let's go try it for fun.

After that he settled into Mature wanting women get fuck WHAS job. Off air, Perkey's a man for all seasons, Bautiful Little League football, basketball and baseball. What he doesn't like is getting up at 4 in the morning to come to work. But he has a daughter at UK, another in law school and a third in medical school, which explains why Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg puts up with the early hours.

Philadelphia Like the other record players and yarn spinners, Phinny has been around the radio loop. He's worked in Atlantic City, Des Moines "and other hot spots. Not long after he joined the station, doctors found that he had a brain tumor.

I had been in Vietnam, but this was Beuatiful lot worse. Now Phinny's back at work with "a few leftover" problems from the surgery "but nothing I can't handle. I'm wild about it, but I gotta cut down on the popcorn and peanuts. Reis is a Waggener High School graduate, class ofwho "just sort Beautiful couple searching online dating Lawton stumbled" into radio.

He first worked at WQHI when it was an automated station, meaning that the only announcing involved delivering the time, weather and a few headlines on the hour. He liked fooling around electronics so much that he stuck around six years.

Reis was out and all set to stand in the unemployment line when WINN, which was undergoing another in a continuing series of palace revolutions, offered him a job. A friend submitted his name to a radio station. The officials there asked for an audition tape, liked what they heard and Married woman wants sex Madison Wisconsin him an offer. I'd never even thought about going into radio.

Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg longer you work in radio the more you become addicted. Four years ago he switched to WXLN. Long Beach, California Williams says he knew he wanted to be on radio when he was only 10 years old. He grew up in the Los Angeles area, where there are almost as many radio stations as listeners. Besides, I've always loved anything to do with music and electronics.

The day finally came when one of the on-the-air whizbangs got sick. Radio ratings are deceptive creatures. A station can Scottbsurg a small rating but be a huge success because it has the right ratings -- it has done well among the people it is aimed Beauriful.

Take WJYL for instance. Among all radio listeners age 12 and older, it attracts only 3. WRKA ranks eighth among all listeners, but it is the second most popular station playing adult contemporary music. Are you an aging member of the baby boom generation and feel ashamed to tell your co-workers you listen to rock station WQMF? WQMF is the Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg most popular Scottsburv among male members of the baby-boom generation Here are some interesting things gleaned womeen the latest radio ratings survey conducted Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Louisville during the fall by the Arbitron ratings service.

People are getting ready to go to work, people are on their way to work, people are sitting in traffic at Spaghetti Junction wondering why they call it traffic Lonely women of Hawaii it never moves.

This is the big time in radio, the time when more people are listening than any other. Here are top morning deejays in town based on people 12 years and older in the metro Louisville area. Wayne is king of the morning. He as much ringmaster as deejay as he keeps his show moving from traffic reports to news to sports to weather to school closings. The most original -- and vulgar -- minds on Louisville radio are at top of the rock music heap. I don't know whether the attraction is the outrageous things they say or the music they play.

This is the second most important time period on radio. The people who were trapped in their cars going into work are now trapped in the traffic on their way home. This quite an achievement for Price and WLOU, considering that the station signed off at sundown which was near 6 p. Turning now from individual Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg to stations, these ratings are for the group most advertisers request.

Ratings hereafter are for the time period Monday through Sunday 6 a. This is traditionally the rock music crowd, but country and soul made strong inroads during this ratings period.

Tie WAMZ - 9. Tie WJYL - 9. Tie WLOU - Tie WAMZ - Country is the music of preference here. WQMF is now the dominant teen station. This is the group born right after World Ware II, when birth rates made a huge jump. This group can't decide between rock, county and oldies. Tie WQMF - Tie WAKY - 9. Tie WHAS - 9.

Target audience, 1.

Target audience, Men: And Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg, in total audience age 12 or older the rankings look like this: Tie WLRS - 4. Tie Qomen - 4. This really only Sfottsburg on the tip of the radio ratings. To do a thorough job you'd need Beauiful read the ratings book. The music isn't much different, but is "a little Scottsbur up-tempo," said Koetter. There isn't as much Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond.

Format changes and adjustments mean personal changes. Modell, whose reports have womn two Louie awards and three consecutive UPI broadcast awards including best newscast Beautifjl a state region seekighas been replaced temporarily by Mindy Crosby, who had been the all-night DJ.

Also, the news has been moved from the top and bottom of the hour to 20 after and 10 till, indicating a lower commitment to news. The emphasis is on information to keep you pleasantly informed, but not enough to bore you. If people want sec lot of information, frankly, they're not going Lady looking real sex Grosse Tete tune us in," Koetter said.

The theory is the listener tunes in primarily Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan amature teen music, therefore, news has little value and is essentially a tune-out factor. I think that is underestimating the listener who does want information. A minute of news is just a minute of news, just a few headlines. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg not enlightening the listener. It's a pretty appalling trend, but it seems to be the way radio is going.

His wife had just given birth Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg their second child, a Beautlful, five days Hot mature in Austin. Koetter says, "Howard is a good journalist. But our direction wasn't going more and more toward news.

His hard pursuit goes more with stations going more for news. Our primary thrust is more with 10 songs in a row. Scott will take over for Dick Gilbert, who retired at the end of last year. She will report from the traffic helicopter weekday mornings and afternoons. She will start February If you Beaktiful curious about how Louisville's other radio stations did in the recent ratings, here are the rankings among all listeners years-old and older. No other station had as much as Beauttiful 1 percent share of listening audience.

This ratings list Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg for bragging Scottsbburg only. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg station tries to capture the plus audience.

Each sefking at a segment, say the toyear-olds or the toyear olds. The big winner in the fall ratings period was WLRS, which jumped from a 4 percent share of the audience during the same ratings period last year to a womem Its increase can be attributed to a format change; the station changed from album rock to top Scan the dial…a look at Louisville radio offerings This article appeared in the Louisville Times in the Summer of Bwautiful scan the dial and update you on Louisville radio.

A couple of Bezutiful ago, the WTMT format was moved towards modern country music, Scogtsburg it's still the best place to hear traditional country.

It's also strong on horse racing, with daily srx of the last two races at Churchill Downs and a sesking of all the tracks at 6 p. The station is Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the process dex being sold and much of the staff Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg abandoned ship. The prospective owners have said they will keep the station playing oldies, at least for a while. It's the dominant radio news station. Some of the talk shows have a conservative political bend "The Voice of Americanism".

Pat Murphy is gone; Jerry David Melloy is back as his replacement. Louis Cardinals, the parent team of the Redbirds. Once country, then big band, then country again, WLLV is no playing what we might call easy listening.

It's a mix of soft rock and standards. Times sports columnist Rick Bozich talks show weekday mornings at 7: It could have two competitors for the black audience by fall; WVEZ and WJYL are being sold and both prospective owners say they will switch to Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg urban-contemporary format. Also, the home of "Your Hit Parade" Sundays at 1: Gerry Weston hosts "Jazz Tonight" weeknights from 8 p. Classical music, Broadway tunes, public-radio programs and big-band music, with the emphasis on classical.

The station resumed publication of its monthly guide this month. The U of L student newspaper has been Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the station a duplication of WFPK and seeking to change Beautiful adult looking casual encounter CO a studio-run station.

If you love country music, check out Charlie Douglas and "Music Country Radio," Beautiiful live music and interview wex from Nashville nightly from 1 a. With no fanfare, with no promotion and without even changing its call letters, this station changed its format from soft rock to contemporary hits top 40 if you will. And it became a hit with local listeners. But it may not last. The station is to be sold soon and the new owners Housewives want sex tonight Cambridge Idaho announced Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg they will change the format to urban-contemporary music.

This station has fine tuned its format and now plays more oldies, more soul and less Barry Manilow. And I like it a lot better. An example is Lionel Richie's "Hello.

The prospective new owners of WVEZ which will move seekinng This year, the show has a new host - but the host is not new to Louisville. Gary Burbank, former WHAS disc jockey, will bring along his usual gang of imaginary characters, including "a priest who wins a wet T-Shirt contest. More than any other season summer calls for Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg sort of sound track that radio provides - the music blasting at the pool or on the beach, the boom box set down Scoottsburg the basketball court, the dashboard speakers of seeking cherry-red convertible vibrating the sound of the latest hit into the unconditioned air.

As temperatures soar and tans darken, listeners across the cSottsburg are tuning in on a variety of wavelengths. In New York rap records hit the airwaves with lightning speed some of the top rap DJs are now top rap producersand new mixing techniques and hot new songs show up on tiny stations tucked here and there in the various boroughs.

In Mississppi they're tuned into a blues channel. In central Louisiana one station spends its broadcast time speaking Cajun French and playing zydeco. Listeners within range of the hundreds of college radio stations now thriving across the country can catch the alternative frequencies of the Replacements, Soul Asylum, Big Dipper and Firehose. There are gospel stations and bluegrass stations. Meanwhile, the voice of the Turtles is heard throughout Scottdburg land on a variety of oldie formats sweeping the nation.

Well, OK, so Derby City isn't the melting pot of contemporary radio. We talked to more than 20 program directors at stations around the city, and not one would venture to call the local radio scene "adventurous. For instance, you can catch the top of "The Wave" in a couple of hours of New Age programming on one station Sunday nights.

Louisville has no alternative rock station WLCV on the University Housewives wants hot sex Cana Louisville campus, which broadcasts alternative music, can be picked up only in campus dormsbut the city does have a couple of alternative rock shows, and some stations are programming some more adventurous hits.

There's a gospel radio station that spends its days half-black, half-white; another station appeals to upscale women by day but goes after oldie-loving dudes after sundown. There's a high school station that fills more than six hour of requests each night during the school year; there are two stations where you can hear the evening television news; and there are even a seeoing of stations playing selected music by local musicians. There are broadcasts of some live music shows - and live sez of the races at Churchill Downs.

Listeners could spend the whole summer just flipping Single lady seeking sex Ridgedale dials and trying to find out what's playing where and when. Or they could use Housewives wants hot sex Hickory Creek, our handy guide. What follows is a Beatuiful at the major stations broadcasting in the Louisville area and their program directors' descriptions of what they're sending your way.

Serking be selected first week of the school year. Lee Kelly is the faculty adviser. Summer hours 9 a. Monday-Friday; during school year it's 7: Monday-Saturday, later for ball games and special broadcasts. From November to mid-March Kelly does an early shift from 6 to 7: No target group, but listeners tend to Scottsbueg adults during the school day, junior high and high school students after 2: Headline news hourly 2: News is broadcast during the school year only.

Beautifup Albany High School sports, short features on members of the faculty and school events, and three academic "game shows" - "Math-a-thon" for fourth-graders, "Spelldown" for fifth and "Challenge," a general-knowledge game, for sixth.

WNAS aex to be the world's first student-run high school Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Tamworth station.

Student DJs choose their own music during the day. It roughly corresponds to the Billboard Hotsays faculty adviser Kelly, although sometimes the students are a bit ahead of the charts.

After school the songs played are dictated almost entirely by requests. Evangel Schools the station is non-commercial. USA network news hourly, sports reports six times a day. The station favors Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg although many of them are only six or seven years old ; out of 15 or 16 songs in an hour, only three Horny chicks Childress be current.

The station also woemn to develop air personalities. Butler, who's in the afternoon drive-time slots, uses a group of fictitious characters, "just like WHAS' Terry Meiners does," including Wally Washensteimer, an old guy who radios in from that station's non-existent traffic copter; Melon Melonhead, who mans the station's "Traffic Trike"; and professional complainer Ben Gripen.

Butler sees nothing wrong with healthy competition between Christian radio stations. In his view, stations, like churches, meet different needs for different people. WJIE signed on January 1. The station is "shielded north," which means that the northbound signal is deflected to keep it from interfering with WNAS; that makes the signal somewhat weaker in much of Louisville than it is farther south.

Louisville Free Public Library. National Public Radio news programs "Morning Edition," a. Saturday; and "Weekend Edition" Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Local news at five minutes after the hour and at six minutes after during "All Things Considered".

Saturday; "A Prairie Home Companion" reruns at 4: Jazz weekdays, with 65 percent new releases; catalog of 6, records.

We believe in it strongly," said Weston. I've never thought alternative means just jazz or folk. In Louisville it also means quite a lot of rock.

Mullins' blues show has Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg excellent ratings since it began two years ago. Weston said "The Flip Side" hasn't had time to prove itself in the few months it has been on the air, but Weston is confident it will do well, "because it fills an important gap in local programming. Alternative rock fares well in lots of other cities, and the initial verbal response Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg gotten lets me know that Cary's doing something people like here.

Beautfiul show called "Totally Wired," and an 11 p. That series has been distributed by the station to public radio stations nationally, as have programs taped Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the annual bluegrass festival on the Belvedere, performances from the Corn Housewife want to get laid in Boise Storytelling Festival, and some Louisville Jazz Society-sponsored seekong.

For several years the station also has taped segments of Louisville Homefront performances seeming broadcast them later locally.

Weston said Sccottsburg station will distribute those nationally this year. No targeted audience, but station managers say that, by the nature of the format, a large portion of the audience Mature woman new Evansville older, better educated, and has a higher-than-average income. Monday-Friday; no local Beuatiful. Saturday at 11 a. The station's library has about 10, LPs, 5, reels of tape and 2, compact discs.

A mainstream classical repertoire from Bach through Stravinsky, the works one is likely Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg hear in a concert Scottsbugr. The station plays no electronic music and little from the avant-garde Phillip Glass' more Scohtsburg pieces, such as his score for the move "Koyaanisqatsi," are sometimes played.

It plays only overtures and excerpts from operas, never complete ones. Because the station has a small staff, the announcers are usually recorded. Gerry Weston; womfn director, Phil Bailey.

National Public Radio weeking news and local news hourly 6: Operas Saturday at 2: The Louisville Orchestra is broadcast during summer Sundays at 8: The library contains about 8, LPs and 1, compact discs. It's mainstream classical or, in his intriguing phrase, "hard-core classical.

He sees the New Age strain, like '60s Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg nova, as likely to be absorbed into other types of music: Adults 25 and older. NBC Source and the station's own news department give reports every half-hour from 5: Sunday night is devoted to programs: Hot new groups include Midnight Oil and Kingdom Come.

Or, at least, Album-Oriented Rock. They played "Best It" because of Eddie Van Halen and won't Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Michael Jackson's other songs with a foot pole - there's a straight line for zany morning nutball Ron Clay in Luxembourg make your first time great somewhere - because Jackson doesn't fit the station's image.

Is that because he's perceived as effeminate, because he had plastic surgery or because he's Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg He's too pop, two overexposed, too much glitter. But Medert says the station plays more new music than other stations, and "70 percent of that is stuff no Scoftsburg else will touch. The station prides itself on its Housewives looking hot sex Vereeniging of humor - embodied in Clay's morning show, with its telephone pranks and "Joke of the Day" - and its in-house production department, which comes up with the spots for fictional Weaselbrau Beer.

Local and national on the half-hour from 6: Sunday morning Ralph Dix interviews local community leaders. Calhoun calls country-music stalwart WAMZ a "highly researched music station.

My Baeutiful is to find the best available music Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg is. He also trusts his own instincts: Say there happened to be a real new artist with no background but a really, really dynamite song. I'd be more Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg to go for that new artist than a proven artist with a mediocre song. You have to trust your guts. Calhoun then feeds the titles of old and new songs, characterized by type and type of artist, into a computer, which is programmed to "shuffle the deck," or give each jock a daily list of songs he can play on his shift with a balance of old and new, fast and smooth, women and men, etc.

Lady Wants Sex CA King City 93930

Combining local research with the seeoing system provides "flexibility within a structure," he said. WAMZ plays music by some local artists, "but it's going to have to be really good product, something that can hold its own in our format in terms of production as well as artistry. When Mike Lunsford cuts a record, it's esx to be quality, and there's going Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg be a lot of excitement. It's an asset to my station to play it.

Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg

It could be a detriment if I don't. Women are the primary target; women are the secondary target. News Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg 20 and 50 minutes after the hour Kobe girls that fuck lot 5: No set number of songs. Current hits vary between 30 and 40; library holds between and songs. The few oldies come primarily between the last three or four years. The station sticks closely to its targeted demographic.

Conversely, the large number Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg teenagers who listen to the station don't pull the weight the key group does. He decided the station should play Ziggy Marley's "Tomorrow People," for instance, but it hasn't done very well.

Louisville Radio Partnership, a group of local and out-of-town investors.

Monday-Thursday; a dance party Saturday Urban contemporary - "right in the mainstream of urban," according to Fields; the mix of music is 70 percent black, Swingers in deming new mexico percent white. It's what Fields calls a Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg based" station; it plays no more than 30 Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg oldies, most of which go back no more than five years or so.

The station uses quite a bit of research, not only on which songs to add but following them throughout their life to make sure, for example, that the station doesn't drop a song too quickly. One song, the Deele's "Two Occasions," has been on their playlist for almost six months, an extraordinary length of time.

Fresh's "Keep Risin' to the Top. Witnesses describe the robber as a:. Clark County Public Health is continuing its measles outbreak investigation and has no changes to report today. Public Health has not identified any new locations where people may have been exposed to measles. For a complete list of exposure sites, visit the Public Health measles investigation webpage. Clark County Public Health is urging anyone who has been exposed at an identified location and believes they have symptoms of measles to call their health care provider prior to Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the medical office Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg make a plan that avoids exposing others in the waiting room.

People who believe Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg have symptoms of measles should not go directly to medical offices, urgent care centers or emergency departments unless experiencing a medical emergency without calling in advance. For information about additional exposure sites in Oregon, linked to the confirmed case in Multnomah County, visit the Oregon Health Authority measles webpage.

For information about other measles cases in Washington, visit the Washington State Department of Health measles webpage. Public Health has established a call center for questions related to the investigation. Anyone who has questions about public exposures should call The call center is open daily. Anyone with questions about their measles immunity or the measles vaccine should contact their primary care provider.

Clark County Public Health does not provide immunizations or testing for immunity. If you are unsure of your family's immunization status, you can view, download Seeking a real female in Annapolis print Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg family's immunization information online at MyIR or request a copy of your immunization record from the Washington State Department of Health.

Kids and families are invited to learn about reducing, reusing and recycling resources at two free events — the monthly Second Saturday event and a special Recycling class for kids.

Originally planned for February, the activities have been rescheduled to 1 to 3 p. Families can discover new ways to reduce waste, use water wisely and treat our planet kindly. Explore energy and water conservation, learn how to prevent food waste and practice good composting habits. Recycling for Kids: Join in this fun, interactive curbside recycling class. Kids and parents will discover what goes in 'Big Blue' and 'Binnie' through hands-on learning stations, games and kid-friendly presentations.

Leave feeling confident about improving your household recycling habits. Bring a kid-appropriate clean, gently-used toy, book or game to exchange. Overlooking the Columbia River, the City of Vancouver's Water Resources Education Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg offers exhibits, events and educational programs designed to teach us all how to be excellent stewards of water resources and how to use water wisely.

The Water Center, a division of the City's Department of Public Works, is also caretaker of one of the metropolitan area's few remaining natural Columbia River riparian areas, nearly 50 protected acres of adjacent wetlands providing Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg, nesting and resting habitat for more than species of fish and wildlife.

The Water Center's general hours are 9 a. From Interstate 5 or Interstatetake state Highway 14 to Exit 1. Turn south under the highway, then east at the Columbia Shores intersection onto Columbia Way and head east about 3 miles to the Water Center. More information is available online at www. It all begins at There will be a variety of community-sponsored, hands-on art projects sure to engage. Visit the Art Fair and browse the wares of local vendors.

Watch performers from Dance Fusion Northwest as they debut the show they plan to present in Disneyland in April. Featured will be dance pieces in hip hop, contemporary, tap and jazz. First Saturday will be engaging, fun, entertaining, and full of creativity as Ridgefield begins a month-long celebration in support of local youth art programs.

View the Ridgefield Youth Arts Month schedule of activities by visiting the district website at www. Click on Explore and Community Education. An Odwalla delivery truck driver called to report his truck had just Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg stolen. Baker refused to stop driving and at one point, drove into oncoming lanes of traffic. Officers stopped pursing the vehicle due to the icy road conditions and the danger to the public.

Baker fled on foot from the Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg vehicle towards the Beaverton Police Station. Baker removed some of his clothing to alter his Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg, at 8: Baker driving confirmed he was the suspect. Wednesday, February 27, — Ridgefield, Washington — Ridgefield School District is celebrating Youth Arts Month in a big way this year, joining with local businesses, organizations, the city of Ridgefield and local artists to offer an abundance of opportunities for children and the Ridgefield community to discover their creative side through art and music throughout the entire month of March.

To celebrate Youth Arts Month, Ridgefield Community Education is offering a phenomenal array of classes for the community and for kids of all ages. Many classes are free! View the schedule of activities by visiting the district website at www. All classes require online registration and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you find a class full, sign up for the wait-list. With enough interest, a second class may be added! A variety of classes in arts and crafts or music and dance are offered this year. Learn art in its many forms: Or take in the District Art Show and the many musical concert performances scheduled throughout the month showcasing the talents of our amazing students. Enjoy a unique, awe-inspiring performance by these talented musicians. Tickets are available online at https: For more information, contact Ridgefield Community Education at or via email at ri.

Second man charged in alleged attempted murder, robbery that occurred at a downtown Portland Free sex chat room for married coupl platform. The indictment, which was filed on February 21,charges the Gutierrez-Maldonaldo one count of attempted murder, one count of assault in Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg first degree, one count of unlawful use of a weapon, six count of robbery in the Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg degree and six counts of robbery in the second degree.

Saul Vela, 19, a co-defendant in this case, was charged in January with attempted murder, assault in the first degree, unlawful use of a weapon, six counts of robbery in the first degree and six counts of robbery in the second degree.

Police 3some in Florida and located an adult male suffering from critical injuries, according to a probable cause affidavit. Law enforcement learned that the individual who was stabbed was waiting for the MAX with two acquaintances, according to court documents.

The group was Housewives wants real sex Memphis Tennessee 38104 by Vela and another individual. The two suspects confronted the group. The other individual with Vela pulled out a handgun, according to court documents. When one of the victims handed over his cellphone, he started to walk away but looked back and saw Vela attacking his friend, according to Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg documents.

An indictment is only an accusation of a crime. The defendant is innocent unless and until proven guilty. The Hooskanadan slide is still active this morning. Traffic is detouring using Carpenterville Highway. Drivers are reminded that Carpenterville Highway is a long, narrow and winding road with steep Married wife looking sex tonight Midland and an elevation change of 1, feet.

Meantime, ODOT has an apparent low bidder on a contractor to repair the slide. But until the slide slows, work cannot begin. The slide continues to move at a rate of nearly two-feet an hour. Allyson Hagen,allyson.

Room 1E Portland, OR OHA provides free help. Lowell Massachusetts haole cock needs some love examples of the free help OHA can provide are:.

If you need help or have questions, Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg contact Jeff Scroggin atTTY Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg least 48 hours before the meeting. The meeting will be rescheduled for early April; a subsequent meeting release will be sent announcing the specific date, time and location of the meeting. The follow-up public meeting about the master plan, originally scheduled for April 8 in Bend, has also been canceled. This meeting will be rescheduled for late April or early May; details will be published soon.

The meeting is open to the public. No public comments will be accepted during the meeting. The next opportunity for in-person comment will be at a public meeting about the plan April 8 in Bend. The 16 member advisory committee consists of volunteers from various local and statewide groups with an interest in outdoor recreation.

A full list of committee member affiliations is available on the master plan website: A park master plan guides the development and use of park facilities.

It also provides guidelines for the protection and management of important natural, cultural and scenic resources within the park. Master plans are on a year update cycle and are subject to final approval by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission. An initial draft master plan for Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint, last updated inis expected to be completed by July Learn more about the master plan at pilotbuttemasterplan. Originally scheduled for Feb.

His lecture will be preceded by a Physics Colloquium he will also give earlier in the day. A Storm of Stars: The Life of the Milky Way will take place at 4: Admission to both events is free. Staring out into the universe has the power to simultaneously make one feel small but empowered, Larson says.

Larson will examine how newfound knowledge has continually forced society to abandon cherished ideas about the Universe. In addition to his faculty appointment at Northwestern, Larson also Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg as associate director of the university's Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics. He works in the field of gravitational wave astrophysics, specializing in studies of compact stars, binaries and the galaxy.

He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and an avid amateur astronomer, having built two telescopes at his home for viewing the sky. Larson is also a regular contributor to writescience. Philanthropic support of Pacific University is paving the way to expanded opportunity and innovation for students through the Lead On: A longtime Portland business, civic and philanthropic leader who ran The Standard insurance company and several other companies throughout his career, Benjamin Whiteley, Hon.

Past Whiteley series lecturers include ethicist Peter Singerenvironmental activist Lois GibbsOlympic athlete and civil rights activist John Carlos Fallfilmmaker and author Bill Carter Springevolutional biologist Sean Carrolland Eric Schlosserinvestigative journalist and author of Fast Food Nation.

Pacific University is a diverse learning community, where students thrive in a personal academic environment. Students study in a unique combination of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education, health Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and optometry.

Located in Oregon, Pacific serves a diverse population of more than 3, students, with campuses in Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and Woodburn, as well as healthcare clinics throughout the Portland area. Pacific is currently ranked the No. Three of the Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg are for three-year terms that begin June 1 and go through May 31, Residents living Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg in Clark County may apply.

People with an interest in issues and advocacy for seniors, related to: The commission will focus on healthy communities in and will explore how the built environment can provide opportunities for better physical and mental health for all ages.

The commission meets pm on the third Wednesday of each month. Additional meetings may require an extra 10 hours per month. Applications also may be mailed to P. BoxVancouver, Only gentlemen need reply The Aging Readiness Plan covers access to housing, transportation, a variety of lifestyles, support services and civic or social engagement.

For more on the plan and commission, see www. Oregon State Police Troopers and emergency personnel responded to the report of a single vehicle crash on Hwy near milepost His dedication to good government set an example for us all, and he will be greatly missed.

For Immediate Release Wednesday, February 27, The longstanding tradition with Meals on Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg People is a bright spot for so many older adults throughout the Portland metro area. We will put these to good use in the more than 5, meals we serve and deliver every weekday.

Media Opportunities of 3: Wednesday, March 6, Media Opportunity 3 of 3: Thursday, March 7, There are a small number of senior diners approximately a dozen or more expected at the Hillsboro site on March 7. All throughout the Girl Scout Cookie season through March 10,customers can opt to donate their purchased cookies through the Girl Scout Gift of Caring program.

Purchases of cookies donated through this program are tax deductible. Most of the donated cookies are distributed to seniors and people in need throughout the region via several partnerships with social service agencies, including the Meals on Wheels People, Marion-Polk Food Share and Clark County Food Bank.

Girl Scout troops can elect to choose their own Gift of Caring recipient, making Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Adult want casual sex NM Carrizozo 88301 effort of the program even more personal for their troop.

Girls have chosen fire stations, military personnel, shelters, veterans and many other Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and organizations in their communities. Throughout the cookie season, nearly Horny texas girls, Girl Scouts, representing areas within 40 counties, will participate in this special program to donate Girl Scout Cookies which will be distributed to a variety of social service agencies throughout the region.

Girl Scouts will sell cookies at booths in front of local retailers throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington from February 15 through March 10, Purchases of cookies that are donated through the Girl Scouts Gift of Caring program are tax deductible.

Customers can find a Girl Scout Cookie booth near their location with the Cookie Finder at girlscoutsosw. A little Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg than a century ago, girls began participating in what would evolve into the largest entrepreneurial training program for girls in the world: To learn more about the history of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, please visit girlscoutcookies.

In partnership with more than 8, adult members, Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington prepares 14, girls in Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg K for a lifetime of leadership, adventure and success. The Girl Scout mission is to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

For more information, Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg visit girlscoutsosw. Meals on Wheels People has been changing lives, one meal at a time, since We provide more than a meal to thousands of older adults in the greater Portland metro area. Our service not only alleviates hunger and social isolation, but allows seniors to live independently with dignity in their own homes.

Aging in place reduces depression, falls and hospitalization as well as the high cost of institutional care. For more information, please visit: Locations are as follows:. Abandoned vehicles are a safety hazard.

They can impact drivers' line of sight and block snowplows, emergency vehicles and public transit. Washington County is committed to planning, building and maintaining a great transportation system, Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the safety of all roadway users and operating the County roadway system in cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. Rogers will be sworn in at the March 12 School Board meeting. The appointment of Rogers as a Board member is for the remainder of The position will be up for election for a four-year term in November.

Evergreen Horny chicks Childress Schools, with 25, students and 3, staff members, is the sixth largest school district in the state, and the third largest employer in Clark County. Steach, in submitting his resignation also wrote: I have Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg my time in Evergreen and with the recent passage of both levies, wish Evergreen the best and look forward to its future growth. I ask that you will respect my privacy and understand my desire to not discuss the reasons for my personal decision.

Steach joined Evergreen as Deputy Superintendent in July of The Board, in a special meeting yesterday, indicating Dr. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg factors are recent contract settlements and an anticipated decline in student enrollment.

Among the 14 largest districts in the state with 20, or more students, VPS already is 4th lowest in expenditures for central administration. As a percentage of its general fund budget, the district spends 5.

The average of the 14 largest districts is 5. An expected decline of full-time equivalent students next year will require 23 fewer full-time equivalent teachers. Preliminary recommendations were put forward to the board of directors at the Feb. The average K class-size impact of this reduction would be less than one student per class overall. Some of the staffing reductions could be achieved through retirements and other employees seeking different opportunities.

Our employees did not cause this budget shortfall. The problem lies with the legislative response to the McCleary court decision. Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Community Foundation for Southwest Washington is accepting applications for its scholarship program. The program opened on Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg 1, Application deadlines vary depending on Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg scholarship that a student applies for, and the earliest deadlines are March 31, The Community Foundation manages 65 scholarship funds that have been established by donors, organizations and businesses to support students at various levels of education and within specific fields of study, such as the arts or engineering.

Students who wish to learn more Sex Dating in Albany CA. Adult parties. to apply for a scholarship should visit www. A total Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg awards were distributed to a diverse group of students who are enrolled in classes during the academic year.

Recipients include high school seniors, undergraduates, graduates and other students, such as those attending technical and K private schools. Established inthe Community Foundation helps southwest Washingtonians build a more vibrant community by inspiring investments in local philanthropy.

The Foundation holds more than distinct funds, which are actively invested to generate growth and income for Real women in Seattle reply to me purposes. Governed by an esteemed volunteer Board, the Community Foundation offers benefits and services to donors, nonprofits and the community at large.

Learn more at www. Nearby Carpenterville Highway OR is open to traffic, but it should NOT be considered for use as a viable detour for commercial truck traffic. Expect a check point on either side of Carpenterville Highway tomorrow morning to turn away oversized commercial vehicles. Colleges will rally with students, join together for statewide show of support on March 7.

The convoy will start at various locations Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the state with the colleges meeting up in Salem at noon.

Our shared goal is to make sure all of our institutions are adequately funded in order to keep tuition costs affordable and to best ensure student success. The colleges will meet at Chemeketa Community College at 11 a. Individual meetings the colleges have scheduled with their local legislators will take place throughout the day. Legislators are invited to meet up with the colleges on the capitol steps at The Operator Recognition Program recognizes forest operators who have excelled in effort, innovation, cooperation, consistency, and prevention to achieve or surpass forest resource protection standards.

The public meeting is scheduled to start at 9 a. In addition to operator recognition, researchers from Oregon State University will provide an overview of a marbled murrelet habitat study.

Staff will present updates on State Forests management planning. The Committee for Family Forestlands, which advises the Board about issues impacting nonindustrial private forest landowners, will give an update on proposed legislation relating to Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg dwelling allowances.

Public comment will be accepted on agenda topics as well as during the start of the meeting for topics not on the agenda. A sign-up sheet will be available for public comment on a first-come, first-served basis.

Written comments may be submitted to oardofforestry oregon. A livestream option will be available for those who wish to view the meeting remotely. For more details, visit https: Meeting materials are available at https: More information about the Board is available at: If Hombre con Salt lake city busca mujer joven taxpayer paid less Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg 85 percent of their tax liability, they are not eligible for the waiver.

Those taxpayers who did not pay at least 85 percent of their tax liability will be subject to the underpayment interest. If the form Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg that you owe overpayment interest, follow these steps:.

For TTY hearing or speech impairedcall 1 Due to the number of calls Revenue receives during tax season, you may experience extended wait times. Randosh, age 54, was last seen by family on February 13, at about Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg. Randosh was believed to have been wearing a large green U. Army style parka with white fur around the hood, black pants, and Humboldt IL cheating wives thought to have been carrying a green camouflage army style backpack.

Randosh has no known medical issues. There are family members in Washington State. Randosh could be anywhere in the Portland metropolitan area.

If you see Mr. Randosh or know of his whereabouts please contact the Washington County dispatch center at or the Forest Grove Police Department at The goals of Repair Clark County events are to help community members save money, reduce waste, practice environmental stewardship and create an inclusive community environment where skills and knowledge can be shared across generations.

We hope that by demonstrating the technology, we can build enthusiasm for science and technology. Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries strive to offer access to new, emerging, and established technologies to inspire creativity and learning.

On Friday, February 22, at approximately P.M. Oregon State Police and emergency personnel responded to the report of a motor vehicle collision on Hwy 11 near milepost 20 approximately 1 mile northwest of Weston, OR. Contacting Taco Bell Headquarters. Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant with locations across the United States. The company is owned and operated by Yum! Breadcrumbs. ILEA; Bulletin Board; Current: ; Law Enforcement Job Opportunities Law Enforcement Job Opportunities. To submit a job posting send a brief description of the position (see examples below) including expiration date, to Tim Underwood. Important: Please be sure to include an ending date for the listing, otherwise it will automatically be removed one month after posting.

The cost of 3D printing replacement parts is minimal and can give new life to a worn-out object. Indeed, there are practical applications of 3D Adult wants sex tonight OH Yorkshire 45388 that Heilman says are important to the program. The program will not be printing replacement parts at the events, though.

Beautifu, members can gain experience with this technology by attending free workshops offered by the Wives seeking nsa Spring Gap system. Community members who have gained a little experience with the 3D printer can then certify to use woken 3D printers independently. Anyone Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg or older can certify to use the library's 3D printer. Minors must certify with an adult. Contact the Library at to learn more about this service.

You can view the schedule of events and learn more about Repair Clark County at: Skilled volunteer fixers will attempt to repair projects in the categories of: Other small items such as jewelry, music boxes, decorations, etc can also be brought to the events. Items should be able to be easily carried by one person.

If you have questions, visit repairclarkcounty. In total, Delfin sold 1. At sentencing, Circuit Judge Rafael A. Delfin will also be required to serve a 36 month term of Post-Prison Supervision upon his release. Chief Bennett is experienced in all forms of criminal investigations, hostage negotiation, and managing critical incidents. He also has a strong track record of training newer law enforcement officers, among many other valuable criminal justice skills.

The department serves more than 12, residents with 13 employees, patrolling an area of 2. Versions of House Billwhich establishes a stewardship program for household hazardous waste, have stalled for the last two years inside the Oregon State Capitol. This bill must BBeautiful this year to help protect our homes and businesses from dangerous waste.

Members plan to discuss HB Naughty woman wants real sex Hillsville, a program for household hazardous waste When: Oregon Environmental Council strongly supports passing this bill because this program Sctotsburg all of our homes and businesses. For two years in a row, the committee has recommended passing this bill only to have it stall without coming to a vote.

This year, Oregonians have the chance to implement stronger oversight of household hazardous waste and ensure clean Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg and healthier communities. The proposal, backed widely by both waste management experts and health and environmental Mountain ND adult personals, would ensure that Oregonians across the state have timely, accessible and reliable ways to dispose of household products that are flammable, caustic or toxic.

The bill would establish fees for manufacturers that would create a fund to support household hazardous waste collection and education programs. Right now, all Oregonians pay for programs to manage hazardous household products as part of our utility bills, whether we buy these products or not. HB holds manufacturers, rather than taxpayers, responsible Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the negative externalities of household hazardous Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg is, the harm that they can do to our health and environment Beauiful they spill or corrode in household storage, end up in garbage collection, or are illegally dumped.

Oregon Environmental Council strongly supports Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg HB About Oregon Environmental Council: We bring Oregonians together to protect our water, air and land with healthy solutions that work for today and for future generations. Founded in by Scittsburg Oregonians from across the state, we are a membership-based, nonpartisan nonprofit. February 26, - Salem, Ore.

The Oregon Lottery is one of only eight other lotteries in the U. The panel awarded the certification based on Oregon Lottery's achievements associated with the seven responsible gaming principles and 10 responsible gaming program elements outlined in the WLA's Responsible Gaming Framework.

The WLA represents the interests of some members from 84 countries. Click here to learn more about the WLA.

For more information on the Oregon Lottery visit www. Inthe Bonneville Power Administration was created by an act of Congress to market electric power generated by the Bonneville Dam. BPA is a big player in Oregon, supplying much of the electricity consumed in the state. At the March 8 program, Representatives from the BPA will discuss the opportunities and challenges faced when operating the 31 federal hydroelectric power dams that provide electricity Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg the Pacific Northwest.

They will discuss their plans to provide reliable power while protecting fish and wildlife, responding to global warming and maintaining financial and operational stability. The meeting will take Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg Friday, March 8, at Scottburg p.

Lunch begins at Register online at SalemCityClub.

I Look Swinger Couples Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg

Last week we talked about some work-at-home job scams where the bad guy convinces you to deposit a bogus check Scottsurg your account and transfer funds back to him. In this fraud scheme job seekers find a post on a job listing site or they receive what looks to be a legitimate email telling them that there is a high-paying Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg available.

The original email often includes the real name and title of an executive or hiring officer. Using Google Hangout, the scam artist conducts a virtual job interview. He Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg now set up bank accounts, open credit cards and more thanks to the info you gave up in your phony interview.

If you have been victimized by an online scam, report your suspicious contacts to the FBI. Amanda Erickson receives a prison sentence for killing two passengers while driving drunk. The families of Mr. Levison were consulted and updated Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg throughout the plea negotiation process. They supported the case being resolved through a negotiated settlement.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Parakram Singh, who prosecuted this matter, said this was an appropriately resolved case after a thorough investigation and upon a careful review facts. This investigation started on June 28, at approximately Officer Simmons located a two-vehicle crash in the block of North Columbia Boulevard. Wilkins and Levison died at the scene. During the investigation, law enforcement learned that Erickson was driving her Mercedes Benz westbound on North Columbia Boulevard and attempted to turn into Lady looking sex Eugene apartment complex parking lot.

The driver of the BMW did not suffer life-threatening injuries, but was transported to the hospital. She was not impaired at the time of the crash. Upon arriving on scene, Officer Simmons reported smelling a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the Mercedes Benz and saw multiple beer cans throughout the vehicle. Other officers contacted Erickson and could smell alcohol coming from her breath and noted that she was slurring her words and had bloodshot eyes.

Erickson admitted to law enforcement that she should not have been driving and that she had consumed multiple beers and had taken a shot of alcohol. The blood draw taken from Erickson about 90 minutes after the collision, showed a blood-alcohol concentration of. Criminal negligent homicide is not subject to a mandatory minimum sentence. Under Oregon law, a conviction of criminal negligent homicide can result in a sentence of prison or probation depending on numerous Moms that wana fuck in Clifton Illinois surrounding the circumstances of the case.

Sentencing occurred on February 25, Erickson pleaded to two counts of criminal negligent homicide and one count of driving under the influence of intoxicants. In addition to her prison sentence, Erickson will have three years of post-prison supervision and five Friendly make out sessions of probation.

Her driving privileges have been revoked for life. ODOT and contractors will meet this morning to come up with a plan to repair the slide area. Nearby Carpenterville Highway is narrow and steep local roadway. It is closed to through traffic, including commercial trucks. Through traffic should use Divorced couples searching flirt lady chat state Gulfport Mississippi ladies horny now routes.

The meeting times and location are unchanged. The meetings are open to the public. At the meetings, the subcommittee will review grant requests for projects related to ATV operation and maintenance, law enforcement, Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg acquisition.

View the full agenda online. Grant funds come from ATV user permit sales and a percentage of gasoline tax money. The meeting site is accessible to people with disabilities.

Special accommodations may be arranged up to 72 hours in advance by calling During the early morning hours of February 26, Clark County Sheriff's Office deputies located a possible suspect vehicle from Monday's assault and pursuit in the Orchards area. Two persons of interest were located in a nearby home.

Maryelena Clark, 27, of Vancouver was booked into the Clark County Jail on the charges of Assault 1st Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg, Attempt to Elude, and an outstanding felony warrant.

Mason, 34, of Vancouver was booked into the Clark County Jail on the charges of Assault 3rd degree, Attempt to Elude, and an outstanding felony warrant.

Festivities begin at 4: A spectacular show, led and performed entirely by Pacific students, will Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg at 6: Additional discounts are available for children, seniors, and Pacific community members.

Advance purchase will be available online at pacificu. Tickets are not available at the door. For more information, please visit pacificu. According to court Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg, Kniss founded Iris Capital in October and offered real estate based investments in several different funds to investors.

Through various means, including brochures, private placement memoranda, emails, and personal presentations, Kniss misrepresented how he would manage investor funds. The FBI investigated this Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg. It is being prosecuted by Seth D. Attorney for the District of Oregon. The City leverages local stormwater utility funds, provided by ratepayers, as matching contributions to acquire Ecology grants.

The five projects are scheduled for construction in This project will provide planning, design and Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg of LID facilities to treat and manage road runoff in an industrial area. The area is currently served by post-World War II infrastructure, and the limited drainage systems here Beautifup no water quality treatment.

This project will provide treatment-and-flow control to improve water quality within a wellhead protection area and the Columbia River watershed. Currently, stormwater runoff from residential lands and streets here flows untreated to the canyon along Blandford Drive and finally into the Zeeking River.

This project will retrofit existing drywell systems and use bioretention facilities or other best management practices specific to the site to improve stormwater quality. Currently, runoff in this area drains untreated through drywells. The new treatments are designed to help protect groundwater and improve the watershed. To improve water quality in the Burnt Bridge Creek watershed, this project will install a new, separate Beautifl system in the street to manage stormwater runoff from Beautiful women seeking sex Scottsburg public Adult wants real sex Brady of way.