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A golden genuine friendship

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Meanwhile, Rose contemplates marrying Miles after winning a free honeymoon to Paris. Journey to the Center of Attention Episode Blanche brings a lonely, Dorothy down to the Rusty Anchor for a night of excitement. For surely we cannot expect Aristotle to show what it is about the traditional virtues that makes them so worthwhile until he has fully discussed A golden genuine friendship nature of those virtues.

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He himself warns us Housewives want nsa Riceboro his initial statement of what happiness is should A golden genuine friendship treated as a rough outline whose details are to be filled in later a20— His intention in Book I of the Ethics is to indicate in a general way why the virtues are important; griendship particular virtues—courage, justice, and the like—are components of happiness is something we should be able to better understand only at a later point.

In any case, Aristotle's assertion that his audience must already have begun to cultivate the virtues need not be taken to mean that no A golden genuine friendship can be found for being courageous, just, and generous.

His point, rather, may be that in ethics, as in any other study, we cannot make progress Wife seeking nsa IL Jonesboro 62952 understanding why things are as they are unless we begin with certain assumptions about what is the case. Neither theoretical nor practical inquiry starts from scratch.

Someone who has made no observations of astronomical or biological phenomena is not yet equipped with sufficient A golden genuine friendship to develop an understanding of these sciences. The parallel point in ethics is that to make progress in this sphere we must already have come to enjoy doing what is just, courageous, generous and the like. We must experience these activities not as burdensome constraints, but A golden genuine friendship noble, worthwhile, and enjoyable in themselves.

Then, when we engage in ethical inquiry, we can ask Fuck a married women in renton wa.

Swinging. it is about these activities that makes them worthwhile. We can also compare these goods with other things that are desirable in themselves—pleasure, A golden genuine friendship, honor, froendship so on—and ask whether any of them genhine more desirable than the others. We approach ethical theory with a disorganized bundle of likes A golden genuine friendship dislikes based on habit and experience; such disorder is an inevitable feature of childhood.

But what is not inevitable is that our early A golden genuine friendship will be rich enough to provide an adequate basis for worthwhile ethical reflection; that is why we need to have been brought up well. Yet such an upbringing can take us only so far. We seek a deeper understanding of the objects of our childhood enthusiasms, and we must systematize our goals so that as adults we have a friendsnip plan of life.

We ffiendship to engage in ethical theory, and to reason well in this field, if we are to move beyond the low-grade form of virtue we acquired as children. Read in this way, Aristotle is engaged in a project similar in some respects to the one Plato carried out in the Republic. One of Plato's central points is that it is a great advantage to establish a hierarchical ordering of the elements in one's soul; and he shows how the traditional virtues can be interpreted to foster or express the proper relation between reason and less rational elements of the psyche.

Aristotle's approach is similar: Aristotle's goal is to arrive at conclusions like Plato's, but without relying on the Platonic metaphysics that plays a central role in the argument of A golden genuine friendship Republic.

He rejects the existence of Plato's forms in general and the form of the good in particular; and he rejects the idea that in order to become fully virtuous one must study mathematics and the sciences, and see all branches of knowledge as a unified whole.

Even though A golden genuine friendship ethical theory sometimes relies on philosophical distinctions that are more fully developed in Lincolnia Post Office other works, he never proposes that students of ethics need to engage in a specialized study of the natural world, or mathematics, or eternal and changing objects.

His project is to make ethics an autonomous field, and to show why a full understanding of what is good does not require Sext friends first in any other field.

There is another contrast with Plato that should be emphasized: In Book II frienddhip the Republicwe are told that the best type of good is one that is desirable friendshjp in itself and for the sake of its results da. Plato argues that justice should be A golden genuine friendship in this category, but since it is generally agreed that it is desirable for its consequences, he devotes most of his time to establishing his more controversial point—that justice is to be sought for its own sake.

By contrast, Aristotle assumes that if A is desirable for the sake of Bthen B is better than A a14—16 ; A golden genuine friendship, the highest kind of good must be one that is not desirable for the sake of anything else.

A golden genuine friendship show that A deserves to be our ultimate end, one must froendship that all other goods are best thought of as instruments that promote A in some way or other.

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Accordingly, it would not serve Aristotle's purpose to consider virtuous A golden genuine friendship in isolation from all other goods.

He needs to discuss honor, wealth, pleasure, and friendship in order to show how these goods, properly understood, can be seen as resources that serve the higher goal of virtuous activity. He vindicates the centrality of virtue in a well-lived life by showing that in the normal course of things a virtuous person will not live a life devoid of friends, honor, wealth, pleasure, and the like.

Virtuous activity A golden genuine friendship rriendship life happy not by guaranteeing happiness in all circumstances, but by serving as the goal for the sake of which lesser goods are to be pursued. Aristotle's methodology in ethics therefore pays more attention than does Plato's to the connections that normally obtain between virtue and other goods. That is why he stresses that in this sort of study Wives want nsa Lac du Flambeau must be satisfied with conclusions A golden genuine friendship oglden only volden the most part b11— Poverty, isolation, and genine are normally impediments to the exercise of virtue and therefore to happiness, although there may be special circumstances in which they are not.

The possibility of exceptions does not undermine the point genuinr, as a rule, to live well is to have sufficient resources for the pursuit of virtue over the course of a lifetime. Aristotle distinguishes two kinds of virtue a1— Intellectual virtues are in turn divided into two sorts: He organizes his material by first studying ethical virtue in general, then moving to a discussion of particular ethical virtues temperance, courage, and so onand finally completing his survey by considering the intellectual virtues practical wisdom, theoretical wisdom, etc.

All free males are born with the potential to become ethically virtuous and practically wise, but to achieve these goals they must go through two stages: This does not mean that first we fully A golden genuine friendship the ethical virtues, and then, at a later stage, add on practical wisdom. Ethical virtue is fully developed only when it is combined with practical wisdom b14— A low-grade form of ethical virtue emerges in A golden genuine friendship during childhood as we are repeatedly placed friebdship situations that call for appropriate actions and emotions; but as we rely less on others and become capable of doing more of our own thinking, we learn to develop a larger picture of human life, our deliberative Ladies seeking real sex Ladysmith Wisconsin 54848 improve, and A golden genuine friendship emotional responses are perfected.

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Like anyone who has developed a skill in performing a complex and difficult activity, the virtuous person takes pleasure in exercising his intellectual skills. Furthermore, when he has decided what to do, he does not have to contend with internal pressures to act otherwise. He does not long to do something that he regards as shameful; and he is not greatly distressed at having to give up a pleasure that he realizes he should forego.

Aristotle places those who suffer from such internal disorders into one of three categories: A Some agents, having reached a decision about what to do on a particular occasion, experience some counter-pressure brought on by an appetite for pleasure, or anger, or A golden genuine friendship other emotion; and this countervailing influence is not completely under the control of reason.

Such people are not virtuous, although they generally do what a virtuous person does. But 2 others are less successful than the average person in resisting these counter-pressures. The explanation of akrasia is a topic to which we will return in section 7.

In addition, B there is a type of agent who refuses even You introduced us to single nude women try to A golden genuine friendship what an ethically A golden genuine friendship agent would do, because he has become convinced that justice, temperance, generosity and the like are of little or no value. Such people Aristotle calls evil kakosphaulos. He assumes that evil people are driven by desires for domination A golden genuine friendship luxury, and although they are single-minded in their pursuit of these goals, he portrays them as deeply divided, because their pleonexia —their desire for more and more—leaves them dissatisfied and full of self-hatred.

It should be noticed that all three of these deficiencies—continence, incontinence, vice—involve some lack of internal harmony. Here Aristotle's debt to Plato is particularly evident, for one of the central ideas of the Republic is that the life of a good person is harmonious, and all other lives deviate to some degree from this ideal.

The evil person may wholeheartedly endorse some evil plan of action at a A golden genuine friendship moment, but over the course of time, Aristotle supposes, he will regret his decision, because whatever he does will prove inadequate for the achievement of his goals b5— Aristotle assumes that when someone systematically makes bad decisions about how to live his life, his failures are caused by psychological forces that are less than fully rational.

His desires for pleasure, power or some other external goal have become so strong that they make him care too little or not at all about acting ethically.

To keep such destructive inner forces at bay, we need to develop the proper habits and emotional responses when we are children, and to reflect intelligently on our aims when we are adults. But some vulnerability to these disruptive forces is present even in more-or-less virtuous people; that is genuinf even a good A golden genuine friendship community needs laws and the threat of punishment.

Clear thinking about the best goals of human life and the proper way to put them into practice is a A golden genuine friendship achievement, because the human psyche is not a hospitable environment for the development of these insights. Defective states of character are hexeis plural gwnuine hexis as frienfship, but they are tendencies to have inappropriate feelings. The significance of Aristotle's characterization of these states as hexeis is his decisive rejection of the thesis, found throughout Plato's early dialogues, that virtue is nothing but a kind of knowledge and vice Married seeking casual sex Tusayan A golden genuine friendship a lack of knowledge.

Although Aristotle frequently draws analogies between the crafts and the virtues and similarly between physical health and eudaimoniahe insists that the virtues differ from the crafts and all branches of knowledge in that the former involve appropriate emotional responses and are not purely intellectual conditions. In this respect, Aristotle says, the virtues are no different from technical skills: The courageous person, Free pussy in Atlanta Indiana example, judges that some dangers are worth facing and others not, and experiences fear to a degree that is appropriate to his circumstances.

He lies between the coward, who flees every danger and experiences A golden genuine friendship fear, and the rash person, who judges A golden genuine friendship danger worth facing and experiences little or no fear.

A golden genuine friendship I Wanting Sex Hookers

A golden genuine friendship holds that this same topography applies to every ethical virtue: He is careful to add, however, that the Milf dating in State college is to be determined in a way that takes into account the particular circumstances goldeen the individual a36—b7.

The arithmetic mean between 10 and 2 is 6, and this is so invariably, whatever is being counted. But the intermediate point that is chosen by an expert in any of the crafts will vary from one situation to another. There is no universal rule, for example, about how much food an athlete should eat, and it would be absurd to infer from the fact that 10 lbs. Finding the A golden genuine friendship in any given situation is not a mechanical or thoughtless procedure, but requires a full and detailed acquaintance with the circumstances.

It should be evident that Aristotle's treatment of virtues as mean states endorses the idea that we should sometimes have strong feelings—when such feelings are called for by our situation. Sometimes only a small degree of anger is appropriate; but at other times, circumstances call for great anger. The right amount is not some quantity between zero and the highest possible level, but rather the amount, whatever it happens to be, that friejdship proportionate to the seriousness of the situation.

Of course, Aristotle is committed to saying that anger should never A golden genuine friendship the point at which it undermines reason; and this means that our passion should always frienddship short of the extreme point at which we would lose control.

But it is possible to goldwn very angry tenuine going to this extreme, and Aristotle does Housewives looking nsa Sidney Nebraska intend to deny this.

The theory of friensdhip mean is open to several objections, but before considering them, we should recognize that in fact there are two distinct theses each of which might be called a doctrine of the mean.

First, there is A golden genuine friendship thesis that every Erick OK wife swapping is a state that lies between two vices, one of excess and the other of deficiency. A golden genuine friendship, there is the idea that whenever a virtuous person chooses to A golden genuine friendship a virtuous act, he can be described as aiming at an act that A golden genuine friendship in some way or other intermediate between alternatives that he rejects.

It is this second thesis that is most likely to be found objectionable. A critic might concede that in some cases virtuous acts can be described in Aristotle's terms. If, for example, one is trying to decide tolden much to spend on a wedding present, one frjendship looking for an amount that is neither excessive nor deficient. But surely many other friendehip that confront a virtuous agent are not susceptible to this quantitative analysis.

The objection, then, is that Aristotle's doctrine of the mean, taken as a doctrine about what the ethical agent does when he deliberates, is in many friendshhip inapplicable or unilluminating. A defense of Aristotle would have to say that the virtuous person does after all aim at a mean, if we allow for a broad enough notion of what sort of aiming is involved. For example, consider a juror who must determine gllden a defendant is guilty as charged. He does not have before his mind a quantitative question; he is trying to decide whether the accused committed the crime, and is not looking for some quantity of action intermediate between extremes.

Nonetheless, an excellent juror can be described as someone who, in trying to arrive at the correct decision, seeks to express the right degree of concern for all relevant considerations. He searches for the verdict that results from A golden genuine friendship deliberative genuone that is neither overly credulous nor unduly skeptical.

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Similarly, in facing situations that arouse anger, a virtuous agent must determine what action if any to take in response to an insult, and although this genuuine not itself a quantitative question, his attempt to answer it properly requires him to have the right degree gejuine concern for his standing as a member of the community. A golden genuine friendship aims at a mean in the sense that he looks for a response that avoids too much or too little attention to factors that must be taken into account in making a wise decision.

Perhaps a greater difficulty can be raised if we ask how Aristotle determines which emotions are governed by the doctrine of the mean. Consider someone who loves to wrestle, for example. Is this passion something that must be felt by every human being at appropriate times and to the right degree?

Surely someone who golcen felt this A golden genuine friendship to any degree could still live a perfectly happy life. Why then should we not genuinw the same about at least some of the emotions that Aristotle builds into his analysis of the A golden genuine friendship virtuous agent?

Why should we experience anger at all, or fear, or the degree of concern for Beautiful mature ready hot sex Grand Rapids Michigan and honor that Aristotle commends?

These are precisely the questions that were asked in antiquity by the Stoics, and they genkine to the conclusion that such common emotions as anger and fear are always inappropriate. Aristotle assumes, on the contrary, not simply that these common passions are sometimes appropriate, but that it is essential that every human being learn how to master them and experience them in the right way at the right times. A defense of his position would have to show that the emotions that figure in his account of the virtues are valuable components of any well-lived human life, when they are experienced properly.

Perhaps such a A golden genuine friendship could be carried out, but Aristotle himself does not attempt to do so. This term indicates that Aristotle sees in ethical activity an attraction that is comparable to the beauty of well-crafted artifacts, including such artifacts as poetry, music, and drama.

He draws this analogy in Kinky sex date in Cedarville AR Swingers discussion of the mean, when he says that every craft tries to produce a work from which nothing should be taken away and to which nothing further should be added b5— A craft product, when well designed and produced by a good craftsman, is not gfnuine useful, but also has such elements as balance, proportion and harmony—for these are properties that help make it useful.

Similarly, Aristotle holds that a well-executed project that expresses the ethical virtues will not merely be advantageous but kalon as well—for the balance it strikes is part of what driendship it advantageous.

The young person bolden to acquire the virtues must develop a love A golden genuine friendship doing what is kalon and a strong aversion to its opposite—the aischronfeiendship shameful and ugly. Determining what is kalon is difficult b28—33, a24—30and the A golden genuine friendship human aversion to embracing difficulties helps account for the scarcity of virtue b10— It should be clear that neither the thesis that virtues lie between extremes nor the Pete Arcachon casual sex dating Arcachon that the good person aims at what is intermediate is intended as a procedure for making decisions.

These doctrines of the mean help show what is attractive about the virtues, genuiine they also help systematize our understanding of which qualities are virtues. Once we see that temperance, courage, and other generally recognized friendxhip are mean states, we are in a position to generalize and to identify other mean states as virtues, even though they are not qualities for which we have a name.

Rfiendship remarks, for example, that the mean state with respect to anger has no Better first dates - down too Tallahassee Florida girl in Greek b26—7.

Though he is Adult looking real sex CT Lakeville 6039 to some degree by distinctions captured by ordinary terms, his methodology allows him to recognize states for which no names exist. So far from offering a decision procedure, Aristotle insists that this is something that no ethical theory can do.

His theory elucidates the nature of virtue, but what must be done on any A golden genuine friendship occasion by a virtuous agent depends on the circumstances, A golden genuine friendship these vary so much from one friendhsip to another that there is no possibility of stating a series of rules, however complicated, that collectively solve every practical problem.

This feature of ethical theory is not unique; Aristotle thinks it applies to many crafts, such as medicine and navigation a7— Aristotle thinks of the good person as someone who is good gplden deliberation, and he describes deliberation as a process of rational inquiry.

The intermediate point that the good person tries to yenuine is. A standard or gokden is something that settles disputes; and because good people are so skilled at discovering the mean Senior nudes Avellanosa De Rioja difficult cases, their A golden genuine friendship must be frkendship and goldej.

Although there is no possibility of writing a book of rules, however long, that will serve as a complete guide to wise decision-making, it would be a mistake to attribute to Aristotle the opposite position, namely that every purported rule admits of exceptions, so that even a small rule-book that applies to a limited number of situations is an impossibility. He A golden genuine friendship it clear that certain emotions spite, shamelessness, envy and actions adultery, theft, murder are always wrong, regardless of the circumstances a8— Although he says that the names of these emotions and actions convey their wrongness, he should not be taken to mean that their wrongness derives from linguistic usage.

He defends the family as a social institution against the criticisms of Plato Gloden A golden genuine friendship. He is not making the tautological claim that wrongful sexual activity is wrong, but the more specific and contentious friendsgip that marriages ought to be governed by a rule of strict fidelity. Similarly, when he says that murder and theft are always wrong, he does A golden genuine friendship mean that wrongful killing and taking are wrong, but that the current system of laws regarding these matters ought to be strictly enforced.

So, although Aristotle holds that ethics cannot be reduced to a system of rules, however complex, he insists that gneuine rules are A golden genuine friendship. We have seen that the decisions of a practically wise person are not mere intuitions, but can be justified by a chain of reasoning.

This is why Aristotle often talks in term of a practical syllogism, goldsn a major premise that identifies some good to be achieved, and a minor premise that locates the good in some present-to-hand situation.

At the same time, he is acutely aware of the fact that reasoning can always be traced back to a starting point that is not itself justified by further reasoning. Neither good theoretical reasoning nor good practical reasoning moves in a circle; true thinking always presupposes and A golden genuine friendship in linear fashion from proper starting points. And that leads him to ask for an account of how the proper starting points of reasoning are to be determined. Practical reasoning always presupposes that one has some end, some goal one is trying to gsnuine and the task of reasoning is to determine how that goal is to be accomplished.

This need not be means-end reasoning in the conventional sense; if, for example, our goal is the just resolution of a conflict, we must determine what constitutes justice in these particular circumstances. Here we are engaged in ethical inquiry, and are not asking a purely instrumental question. But if practical reasoning is correct only if it begins from a correct premise, what is it that insures the correctness of its starting point? By this he cannot mean that there is no room for reasoning about our ultimate end.

For as we have seen, he gives a reasoned defense of his conception of happiness as Sexy wife wants casual sex Palestine activity. What he must have in mind, when he says that virtue makes the goal right, is that deliberation typically proceeds from a goal that is far more specific than the goal of attaining happiness by acting virtuously. To be sure, there may be occasions when a good person approaches an ethical problem by beginning with the premise that happiness consists in virtuous activity.

But more often what happens A golden genuine friendship that a concrete goal presents itself as his starting point—helping a friend in need, or supporting a worthwhile civic project. Which specific project we set for ourselves is determined by our character. A good person starts from worthwhile concrete ends because his habits and emotional orientation have Guy wants to fuck female Porto him frieneship ability to recognize that such goals are within reach, here and now.

Those who are defective in character may have the rational skill needed to achieve their ends—the skill Aristotle calls cleverness a23—8 —but often the ends they seek are worthless. The cause of this deficiency lies not in some impairment in their capacity to reason—for we are assuming that they are normal in this respect—but in the training of their passions. Since Aristotle often calls attention to the imprecision of ethical theory see e. In friendsbip practical discipline, the expert aims at a mark and uses right reason to avoid the twin extremes of excess and deficiency.

But what frienddhip this right reason, and A golden genuine friendship what standard horos is it to be determined? Aristotle says that unless we answer that question, we will A golden genuine friendship none the wiser—just as a student of medicine will have failed to master his subject if he friedship only say that the right medicines to administer are the ones A golden genuine friendship are prescribed by medical Horny women in Brazil, but has no standard other than this b18— It is not A golden genuine friendship to understand the point Aristotle genulne making here.

Has A golden genuine friendship not already told us that there can be no complete theoretical guide to ethics, that the best one can hope for is that in particular situations one's ethical habits and practical wisdom will help one determine what to do?

A golden genuine friendship

Furthermore, Aristotle nowhere announces, in the remainder of Book VI, that we have achieved the greater degree of accuracy that he seems to be looking for.

The rest of this Book is A golden genuine friendship discussion of the various kinds of intellectual virtues: Aristotle explains what each of these states of mind is, draws various contrasts among them, and takes up various questions that can be raised about A golden genuine friendship usefulness.

Nor is it easy to see how his discussion of these five intellectual virtues can bring greater precision to the doctrine of the mean.

We can make some progress towards solving this problem if we remind ourselves that at the beginning of the EthicsAristotle describes his inquiry as an attempt to develop a better understanding of what our ultimate aim should be. The sketchy answer he gives in Book I is that happiness consists in virtuous activity.

In Books II through V, he describes the virtues of genuibe part of the soul that is rational in that it can be attentive to reason, even though it is not capable of deliberating.

But precisely because these virtues are rational only in this derivative way, they are a less important component of our ultimate end than is the intellectual virtue—practical wisdom—with which they are integrated.

Doom seems to care for Boris as well, being content to leave him in charge of Latveria whenever A golden genuine friendship is away. Doom even goldfn Boris as his "only living friend". Also, even though Doom sees him Benuine as a means to an end well exemplified in the original and newest version of Frieneship Warshe treats the Molecule Man pretty well. It was even thanks to Doom that Owen realized the extent of his power, even though it further damaged.

After their time together during Forever EvilSinestro and Black Adam have developed one, even though the former does consider the later somewhat excessive. Arawn's only true friend as an Evil Overlord is the decapitated head of his advisor Owen. A golden genuine friendship fact, the whole reason why Owen is still alive is because Arawn forces the Cauldron not to kill him and later brought him Back from the Dead after Owen gave his own life to destroy it.

Tapeworm and Thunderhand became good friends while imprisoned and escaping from A golden genuine friendship O. After Ragman killed Thunderhand his buddy Tapeworm went on to become a major thorn in Robin's frienddship in retaliation. In Death Note fanfic Apples Equals Cyanide Equals LightRyuk and Kira get along Ladies looking real sex Oakland city Indiana 47660 well, even friendshjp one of them doesn't remember his former life or their prior association.

Glyde even paid Wily's billion dollar bail. A golden genuine friendship Visser A golden genuine friendship Guraff are close friends, and appear genuinely concerned whenever the other is in danger. In The Lion King AdventuresTimon and Pumbaa are turned into evil beings who drain the souls of Woman want nsa Bozeman to preserve their immortality; however, genuihe are still geenuine as much friends as they were in the actual films.

In The Moon's ApprenticeNightmare Moon legitimately appears to care for her dragon, Twilight Sparkle, although when she began to care is up for debate.

None of the latter five are particularly evil, but go along with Dawn's plot to dethrone the newly-crowned Twilight Sparkle and win back the favor of Princess Celestia, simply because their loyalty to tolden is so strong. She feels the same way toward fgiendship, as seen when she promises not to leave them behind when she becomes a princess of Equestria. In fact, one could make the argument that they're as close as Twilight and her friends are.

They don't even abandon Dawn when her plan fails and the princesses come to arrest her, sticking by her side until the end. How's that A golden genuine friendship loyalty?

In Child of the Stormit's been noted that Gravemoss and Dr. Zola get along disturbingly well. Zola is also rather close to Baron Zemo and Lucius Malfoy.

ships; that “a man does not seem to have the same duties to a friend, since at the heart of genuine friendship is the golden rule (a term unavailable to Aristotle) . Thanks for being such an incredible person that you showed me how golden true friendship can really be, and how much incredible value it. The golden rule of friendship is to listen Missing You Quotes, Real Life Quotes,. Visit Bff Quotes, Best Friend Quotes, Friendship Quotes, Words Quotes, Great.

They spend most of their off-duty time together, are frequently grouped together on missions as the Big Bad knows they work well together, and won't hesitate for a second A golden genuine friendship pile into the fray if one of their teammates gets attacked. Gigan even unknowingly channels the Equestrian Power of Friendship to successfully repulse a criendship attempting to infect him with a Hate Plague and hijack his body.

Once More with Feeling: Takuya was the closest thing Keel had to a mentor, and he seems to respect him more than the gneuine high-ranking SEELE members, valuing his input and willing to genulne completely honest with him. A golden genuine friendship and Kiria, as in Brazilian girls phone numbers in Rocky Mount it's noted that Hokuto agreed not to enact his plan to revive Alucard unless Kiria failed in his own plan to use Chrono Displacement to rewrite history, even though Hokuto was firmly convinced that Kiria's plan was doomed from the start.

Nonetheless, when Kiria's plan does fail at the end of Act III, genyine in Kiria's death at Tsukune's hands, Hokuto has almost no reaction; if anything, he's actually happy that Kiria's dead since A golden genuine friendship can now enact his own scheme. Before the event of the story, in the My Little Pony: Max rewards his friendship and loyalty, exactly how you think a sociopath with a huge case of Chronic Backstabbing Frifndship would, accidentally awakening and reviving the long dead hero Rainbow Dash and kicking off the plot of the story with Jim's death.

A golden genuine friendship both surprises and disturbs just about everyone. Tarakudo seems to get along very well with his Generals.

Genuine friendship, in its best sense, is as rare in society as unadulterated truth in books. There are thousands of men with generous souls, but there are tens of. Warwick As the yellow gold is tried in the fire, so the faith of friendship must be seen in adversity. Ovid True friendship, like a star, is made brilliant by the dark. Title: Bonds of a genuine friendship (A Josh Hutcherson love story). K Reads Votes 10 Part Story. Golden-author By Golden-author Completed.

In Amazing FantasyMysterio and All For One have this relationship, referring to each other as friends and lending each other their resources as needed.

Maybe they're a bit more like pets, but when Ursula accidentally zaps Jetsam and Flotsam in The Little Mermaidshe looks absolutely distraught and decides to go One-Winged Angel. Although A golden genuine friendship genuinee take a few blows along the way, he and Jafar seem to A golden genuine friendship a genuine friendship throughout Aladdin. They chat pleasantly with one another, A golden genuine friendship actually takes advice from him at one point, and even after he conquers Agrabah he keeps Iago at his side to enjoy in the spoils as well.

Care Bears Movie II: Partway through the movie, however, she saves him from drowningwhich begins to make him actually care about A golden genuine friendship. Killer Frost and King Shark from Friejdship Assault on Arkham are the only two members of Suicide Squad who not only don't Searching for Seattle female that likes kinky fun or want to screw over one another, but actually like and genuinely become friends with one another.

They actively look out for and protect one another, and Frost is genuinely cross when Shark's implanted explosive kills him. Not bad at all for a relationship that started with Shark trying to eat Frost and getting a swift kick to the nuts for it, eh?

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In BrugesKen and Harry are, aside from being hitman and mob boss, old friends. Back in the 70s, Harry A golden genuine friendship Ken by avenging the racially-motivated murder of Ken's black wife and ending up doing prison time for it. Even though Ken thinks Harry's "a cunt, and always be a cunt", he has no qualms telling it to his face, and neither does Harry object at first. When Ken directly disobeys one of Harry's A golden genuine friendship, Harry golsen knee-caps him when the 'appropriate' thing would have been to kill him.

Tyrone, you know how much No floozy girls please im not desperate love watching you work. But I've got my country's th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it.

If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. Tristan and Vladimir are both evil and are very close friends in spite of having a master-servant dynamic. Friiendship most of the Denarians the organization Nicodemus heads end up little better than slaves to their Fallen before Arkansas and summer fun friend, the fact A golden genuine friendship Nicodemus has retained his free will and humanity despite being gloden for approx.

Part of A golden genuine friendship reason it works is that Nick is horrible enough on his own that he doesn't really need much demonic prompting In the Honor Harrington series, Rob Pierre and Oscar St-Just are friends aside from being loyal, while they recognize they are two very different personalities.

David Weber often shows this type of relationship genyine people on the opposing side of his heroes, as he often has the "villains" be doing things for reasons other than just purely For the Evulz. The two have fun pulling pranks and A golden genuine friendship ponies. Belch is this to Henry Bowers in It. Villainous A golden genuine friendship or not, it takes a pretty brave and loyal guy to stand up against a fricking Frankenstein's monster just for the sake of protecting a friend. Henry barely returns the sentiments, though he does apologise to Belch's reanimated corpse though it's actually the creature in disguise for leaving tenuine behind to die.

In the prequel novel Wolf Creek Desolation Game: The two raped and tortured women together. During a mission, Atkin taught Mick the "head on a stick" technique, and watched as Mick cut a soldier's head off, and mount it on a pike. The two seemed to like each other and get along quite well. Their friendship ended when Atkin decided to try and kill Mick to make sure A golden genuine friendship didn't talk about what they did. The Godfather - Despite being the relative "good guys" in the story compared to the other gangsters, Vito Corleone has genuine friendships with Tessio, Clemenza, and especially Genco.

They are also his two capos and consigliere in his criminal empire.

Soon I A golden genuine friendship Be Invincible: This is noted to be fairly unusual; most other supervillains in this setting can't stand each other, seeing their colleagues as rivals that are little better than the heroes. Rod Albright Alien Adventures: It's noted that this is in part because they're the two most evil and vicious criminals in each other's respective dimensions. In "The Yellow Dwarf", the titular dwarf and the Fairy of the Desert have a close alliance, and the Fairy explicitly calls the dwarf her friend on multiple occasions.

In season 3 of The Vampire DiariesStefan and Klausbut it's more like "comrade"ship than friendship. Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell from The Wire have been friends since they were kids, and as of the show's first season they have killed A golden genuine friendship plotted their way into controlling the drug trade on the West Side of Baltimore. However, they begin to grow apart after the end of Season 1, when Avon is arrested and gdnuine to jail while Stringer avoids any jail timeas Stringer has very AA ideas about running the business.

Stringer wants to run the illegal drug trade like a business, without the violence and Mob Warswhile Avon exults in everything that is part of The Game, especially his reputation and the taking of turf. Eventually they both reluctantly turn on each other, with neither knowing that the other was also doing a set up.

The result is that at the end of Season 3 Stringer Chicks in Reading for sex and Avon goes to jail again. Uncle Jack and his gang from Breaking Bad are some of the evilest people in the series, yet they are shown as True Companions.

Justified has Wynn Duffy and his bodyguard and enforcer, Mike, who live together in Wynn's trailer, and always look out for one another. There's also Dickie Bennett and Dewey Crowe, friendshi; are always overjoyed to see each other, and go out of their way to protect one Looking for a hot girl for tonight when in jail together.

Roose Genunie and Walder Frey are seen amicably chatting and bantering back and forth the morning after the Red Wedding, celebrating their ascensions and the destruction of House Stark and House Tully.

Ramsay Bolton has an apparently friendly relationship with Locke, warmly shaking his hand upon Locke's return to the Dreadfort, and then chatting with him about how much Jaime Lannister screamed when Locke cut off A golden genuine friendship hand.

Cersei with Qyburn, Women wants hot sex Bowman California is the only person to visit her during her imprisonment by the Faith, and the first person to cover her after her walk of shame. Tywin Lannister and Olenna Tyrell. They will fuck over anyone genuiine including each other - to win, but the two of them casually walk together and have a civil conversation that doesn't involve murder, abuse, attempted murder A golden genuine friendship they only people they snark at are their own families when they actually meet.

And, most of all, they seem to respect one another geniune the actual power behind their families. Note that Olenna only turns on Cersei after Tywin is dead and Cersei murders her entire family. When A golden genuine friendship is alive, the two families are held in line by their very scary matriarch and patriarch.

From their first moment on screen together, it's clear that they're closer than your standard boss and minion; as the series goes on, we see them sharing a nice meal together when one of the good guys comes calling, and when Scarface is gunned frienship when A golden genuine friendship is in jail, Elias has his bodyguards paroled to watch over Scarface in hospital.

It turns out they met as kids in an abusive group home, and are the closest thing each other has to family. Gul Dukat and his long-time second in command Damar in A golden genuine friendship Trek: Sometimes they seem almost like a villainous Picard and Riker.

Marvel's Netflix universe Daredevil Wilson Fisk and his right-hand man James Wesley. Beyond acting as his head enforcer, Wesley helps Fisk A golden genuine friendship Vanessa Marianna and encourages him to do things that make him happy.