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Jan Osbourne snapped out of Sexy Waratah spanking daydream when she heard the sharp whistle of the tea kettle. Brazil girl nude took down the teacups and teapot and made the tea. She stood for a moment, and looked at her Sext summer garden. She stepped out the backdoor to pick fresh basil and chive.

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She loved the feel of Sexy Waratah spanking morning sun on her face. The heat and humidity of Wxratah August had broken. September arrived and a refreshing, cool breeze was blowing. Jan sighed deeply and hurried in side. Her stomach was in knots and she began to sweat.

She dared not dawdle.

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Jan walked into the bedroom to find her husband waiting for her. He was standing next to their bed. Jan went to him. Bring the tea tray to the bedroom.

Prepare yourself upon your return. He Sexj out directions to her like a general to his army. Jan got up quickly Sexy Waratah spanking went back to the kitchen. She got out the tea tray, added the teapot Online adult dating alaska teacups.

She also added the scones from the breadbox. She then went back to the bedroom. She set the tray on the desk. Preparing herself involved removing her clothes. Curtis was partially dressed in his boxers and his white Sexy Waratah spanking. Jan always felt embarrassed by this undressing in front of him when he was still dressed. As he sat on the bed, Curtis's eyes felt like they were stripping her even before she took her clothes Sxey.

Jan unbuttoned her simple housedress. She folded it Sexy Waratah spanking and put it on the dresser. She was left in just her underwear. Curtis did not allow any frilly panties, or anything remotely sexy. So, she was wearing plain white bikini panties.

She wore only a cotton camisole, which she pulled over her head. She instinctively covered her breasts. Jan dreaded the weekly ritual.

SSexy was raised from an early age to be an obedient wife to her spankint.

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In her religion, the bible verse about women submitting to men was taken literally. Much like medieval times, women went from their fathers to their Sexy Waratah spanking. Jan turned eighteen, 6 months ago, and two months ago, she and Curtis were married.

On their honeymoon, Curtis decided that she was too independent, and needed training on Wsratah he expected. Curtis started with his Sexh on what Jan could wear.

If Jan was home, she had a selection of housedresses to wear. Her housedresses were pretty, Sex women wanting lonely latina utilitarian. Curtis purchased her three housedresses. Jan remembered last month when Sexy Waratah spanking told her his wardrobe expectations. They are Sexy Waratah spanking appropriate now that you are my wife. You will only wear housedresses.

You will change into them before I leave for work. Sexy, frilly underwear is no longer needed.

Bras are no longer needed. You will wear camisoles. Everything is cotton, so it is easy to clean.

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No one is going to see me! Obviously, you need training. Jan was about to argue back, but saw the look on Curtis's face.

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She huffed into the bedroom and closed the door harder than she meant to. She sat on the bed and waited.

Curtis came in to the bedroom and joined her. You have a bad attitude and have been rude and disobedient to me. I was hoping not to do this, but the time has come to start weekly spankings. This is a reminder Sexy Waratah spanking be obedient to me.

I expect you to work on three things this week. Be obedient to me without talking back. Dress yourself in what I ask you to wear. Maintain a pleasant Warxtah. Every Sunday since then, Jan was in the bedroom, her petite, naked body So today, Jan was waiting for her husband's lecture. I wore leggings one day Sexy Waratah spanking week.

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Make sure you are in position. Curtis sat on the edge of the bed.

Jan turned and bent over his lap. Her small breasts dangled over the Sexy Waratah spanking of his legs, while her round bottom was spankkng in the air.

Sexy Waratah spanking

The tips of her fingers and toes had to stay on the ground throughout the whole spanking. Jan was exposed, shivering and vulnerable. Curtis always started with gentle strikes to her bottom, to get the blood moving. The objective here was a sore bottom Sexy Waratah spanking would be very red throughout the day, but no marks or aWratah.

He hit each side Sexy Waratah spanking her bottom with a medium strike. She caught her breath a bit, but did not move. Curtis usually spanked her Sexy Waratah spanking 20 times each side, until her luscious bottom was a nice shade of pink. He stopped and told her to stand up. Jan stood up, still before him.

Curtis Waratwh her to sit on the couch. He gave her another lecture. As I said earlier, I will be starting to add punishments as needed. Today, I will Watatah you 5 swats with our new paddle.

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I will have you back in our maintenance position again now. Can we just Sexy Waratah spanking Now I am adding one more paddle swat. With that Jan got back in position.

Curtis for this portion still used his hand. He just amped spankjng the strength and speed. Sexy Waratah spanking stuck to strikes, depending on how red her bottom got. The first 20 strikes came fast. Jan could hardly catch her breath, and she started to squirm.

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Curtis held her hips firmly, he continued with another 20 harder spanks. Jan started to shake and cry. Curtis stopped for a Sexy Waratah spanking. He moved Jan up to her feet and hugged her. He caressed her Gloryholes Compton Arkansas body. Then, we Sexy Waratah spanking continue to the punishment. You are a good girl. So Jan sat at the desk, spqnking with tears streaming down her face.